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I regret not meeting Jagjit Singh - Arti Puri

Tellybuzz in talks with Arti Puri of Colors TV Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon..


Arti Puri who made her first step into the TV with Colors Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, gets candid with TellyBuzz...


Had you always dreamt of becoming an actress?

Yes always since childhood. When I was in fifth standard I decided to become an actress and a singer, but then I was too young to understand the quality of singing.


If you had not become and actress then what would you have done?

There was no other option. I would have tried and struggled and somehow would have found a way. I'm passionate about my work!


Hows the chemistry between Drashti Dhami and you off and on sets?

On screen we play sisters, and offscreen we have started to behave like sisters. We both feel like sisters, she is very protective about me and so am I - we both care for eachother. I hope we continue to be best friends and our onscreen chemistry continue off screen. 


What's your favorite tv channel and why?

I was not a TV buff before and I have done south and punjabi movies. I started to watch TV after I got Madhubala, but I'm not a very good TV follower and as I'm doing Madhubala, my favourite TV channel is Colors. 


What was your favorite tv show when you were growing up?

I really used to like Dekh Bhai Dekh and Astitva, I really used to follow these tv shows. 


Who's your favorite Bollywood actor and actress and why?

I have a long list and Salman Khan tops it. Actress I love Madhuri Dixit, I have grown up copying her, watching and seeing her movies, I stand in front of mirror and copy her dance step and lines, I am a big fan. 


Do you believe there is a life after death?

It is actually a mystery, you can only have perceptions and it keeps changing. I feel it is more important to live the moment, at times I feel there are past time connections. We need a lot of people in our life, we connect with people we meet. Sometimes when I meet people for very first time I feel there is some past time life connection.


According to you what is the meaning of life?

It is a big question to answer. For me I live for the moment, I learn from the past experience and I feel it is important to live in present. My funda of life is: live the moment, don't judge the people around you, love unconditionally as life will become beautiful!


Looking back on your life, what do you regret?

I have been in love with the singer Jagjit Singh. I am the biggest fan of his in the world and my regret is that I couldn't meet him and listen to him personally.

Reporter - Nadia Malik

Author - Medha Parashar



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ur all wishes comes true
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you rock as madhu
keep up the awesome job
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