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'I rather let my dance appeal to all Indians' - Sandhya Mridul

Sandhya Mridul, one of the finalists of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa talks her heart out before the Grand Finals of the immensely popular SET reality show..

Published: Friday,Dec 14, 2007 12:45 PM GMT-07:00
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I rather let my dance appeal to all Indians - Sandhya Mridul
Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa finalist Sandhya Mridul is already feeling like a winner. "My blood and sweat effort has hit pay dirt . The love and support of the judges and the audience is humbling. Hence even if I loose on Saturday, its okay. This show has made a complete dancer out of me. I am getting lot of offers to dance in films, what more can I ask for?", she reasoned . "Don't get me wrong, we(Javed and me) want to win the coveted trophy. But I will not resort to publicity campaign to garner votes", clarifies Sandhya.

Talking about the competition, this talented film actress says that, "Jay has lots energy and is a great performer, while Prachi has lots of grace, but she sure needs to open up a bit more. I have said the same to her."

Remind her of Shiamak's statement that Prachi stands a better chance, given her mass appeal and she retorts, "I know the power of an Indian TV bahu, I was one if you remember(Koshish ek Asha). . But I do hope that the audience realize this is a talent show and not a popularity stakes contest." She also will not specially appeal to people in her home states of UP and Rajasthan to vote for her. "I am not a politician to ask for sectarian votes. I rather let my dance appeal to all Indians," says the upright Sandhya.

Will the success of Jhalak see the return of Sandhya to the idiot box? "If anything meaty comes along, why not! The only reason why i had quit was that i cant identify with the daily scene", says the talented actress in her. In the meantime, she has a number of movies including "Via Darljeeling", waiting for release.

Author: Anil Merani

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indiangirl31 @indiangirl31 15 years ago didnt sandhya once say at the start that she doesnt like to reveal herself?!? well she sure has changed while prachi has stayed decent and proved that showing ur body off is not everything! Go Prachi and she deserved to win!
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Anjaani @an_jaani 15 years ago sandhya is over confident and has a attitude.She thinks she was so good that she could advice prachi on her dancing

while Prachi has lots of grace, but she sure needs to open up a bit more. I have said the same to her.

I dont know what she means by this?? Wear less clothes?? ( one time prachi said she didnt wanna wear revealing clothes)and if its expression I like the way prachi is ( I am sure lot of other ppl do too thats why she won )

I dont think it was sandhyas place to give advice to other participants .If she said i am the winner no matter what then why the tears when she lost .... i just didnt like her attitude. I like people with down to earth personality and sorry to say thats not her.
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TD @tsfme 15 years ago Sandhya I'm so proud of you!
Congrats 2u 4 reaching the final
you have won a place in my heart!
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chinnigadu @chinnigadu 15 years ago Sandhya as you told let your dance speak for your self; please dont drag others into your conversation. Just that prachi or jay are asking for votes from a particular state in India or all the Indians doesn't mean they are not good dancers.One doesn't need to be politician to ask for votes from a particular state or overall country. As an actor you should aware that its the audience who makes an actor a superstar or flopstar.So asking for audience's support is nothing bad as you feel.
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Sonia C. @schandra09 15 years ago Sandhya should definitely win. She worked so hard for this DANCE COMPETITION. I love Jay and Prachi too.. but I know I must vote for the one who really deserves to win, which would be Sandhya.
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methebest @methebest 15 years ago I don't agree here, Sandhya has asked for votes from Delhi in early episodes. Nothing wrong in doing so, but when somebody else asks for it and Sandhya feels she will loose, its her jelousy making her say all this.

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nikki1991 @nikki1991 15 years ago I guess people don't like her because she isn't the sweet, girl next door kinda person. she has attitude and she is shrewd. but i applaud her - she is differen and thats what u need to be noticed.

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wassup28 @wassup28 15 years ago all the best Sandhya...hope she wins..:)
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Krishna @kubare 15 years ago Lovely interview...and hope she does fantastic in the future ...too....Win or lose...as she says ....she is a winner...as she did learn a lot ....and entertained us all too....

Best of luck for the future dear....
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Ammu @ammmu 15 years ago Sweet article, Sandhya is very bindaas but she is also a good dancer, and i dont think anyone can deny that... all the best to her and everything!! :)

Thanks for the article!
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