'I imagine Ichcha and it automatically clicks' - Sparsh

Sparsh who plays the little girl with ambitions, Ichcha in COLORS' Uttaran talks about her aspirations, her role, the actors she likes and much more..

In an era where young kids are stealing the limelight from established actors, the little girl Sparsh who plays Ichcha in COLORS' Uttaran is happy that she has secured a place for herself in the television industry.
Known as Sparsh Purshotam Khanchandani to people around her in real life, the girl is a Kendriya Vidyalaya student in Mumbai studying in 3rd standard.
Though this girl has got fame so early, she doesn't want to persuade her career in acting. "For now I am happy to act in serials, but later on I want to become an IAS officer and serve the nation," she states.
Considering her tender age, Sparsh has a very clean mind when it comes to her nation.    "There have been so many bad incidents in our country. The recent terrorism attack has shaken the whole world. After becoming an IAS officer, I want to destroy this terrorism", avers the girl.
Coming back to her stint in the show, isn't it difficult to balance both her studies and work? "Not at all, as in the morning I usually go to school as a normal kid would. I come back home in the afternoon, rest for a while and then hit to my shooting in the evening. The beauty is that I do not have to shoot for long hours as we always maintain a pretty decent bank, and are ahead when it comes to work", verbalizes this little wonder.
"During shoot whenever I get a break, I complete my homework and my mother who is with me at the sets helps me in this, as she is a teacher by profession. I love my production team, as they allow me to pack up early so that I get to play with my friends too," says Sparsh aka Ichcha.
Talking about Ichcha she says, "I just put myself in place of Ichcha and the expressions come out. There is nothing much common between us, as Iccha doesn't have a dad and Sparsh has a dad who dotes on his daughter like anything. Acting has always been my hobby, and I have never found it tough to get into the skin of Ichcha. I imagine her, and it automatically clicks".
The little girl like every normal kid loves to feed on ice creams, chocolates and pizza. "I also like to eat Aloo mattar and dal chawal", quips she. She is a movie freak and has her own favorite choices when it comes to actors. "I like Amitabh uncle and Shahid Kapoor and would love to work with them. I also like Hema aunty because she is beautiful and dances so well," expresses Sparsh.
Sparsh has previously acted for a movie Red Alert, an Indian Oil documentary, a music video with Preeti Sagar and a TV show Mera Sasural .

Like the innocent Ichcha, Sparsh too has small dreams, and we wish that it comes true!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Such wise words from such a lil girl...they grow up so fast!

15 years ago

soo sweet all the best little girl mwahh

15 years ago

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