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I give my salary to my parents and then ask money from them as per my requirements : Neil Bhatt

Popular actor Neil Bhatt talks about his first salary and shares the memories associated with it in this conversation with TellyBuzz…


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Nothing feels greater than getting your first salary which you earn it with your hard work. No matter how much we earn today but first salary always remains very special in one's life that is to be cherished forever.

TellyBuzz quizzes your favorite stars about their first salary and their memories related to their first salary and that memorable day of their life. This time we got in touch with the much loved and good looking actor Neil Bhatt who currently essays the character of Zakir in Shashi Sumeet Mittal's popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus.

Talking about his first salary, Neil told us, "I started off my career as a choreographer and I used to do in-house choreography in my junior college when I was in 11th and 12th. Since I was a student, I wasn't getting paid. When I left the college after my 12th, they again called me for choreography and that time I was doing my law. So, then I told them that as I am not a student, so you will have to pay me. They agreed to pay me and I got around 3000-4000 Rs. for choreographing one song in the year 2005. As a dancer I continued with this and as an actor when I started off, I was getting a monthly package of 50,000 Rs. while I was doing Arslaan and I shot for it for around 5 months."  

When quizzed Neil about how he spent his first salary. He added, "Still now also whenever I get my first check I handover that my Mom or Dad. I still ask for money from them so that my expenses should be controlled. I don't want the things to creep in my head that if I am earning so much then I have to spend also so much. So, I give it to my parents and ask them to give me the money as per my requirements. It's a way of controlling yourself."

"I was very excited when I got my first pay check for my choreography as I had that excitement of doing so many things with it back then but when I started working as an actor, my feeling was different. I always used to give to my parents when I started off with my acting career," adds Neil.

Talking about the importance of first salary, Neil shares, "For some, it's really very important and this is what they are really waiting for. I really respect those people and I hope that everybody should get their money for which they are working hard for. For me, it never really struck me like I am waiting for my first pay check. It's important but may be I am not the right person to say that how important it is. May be someone who is really in need of their first pay check then they can say."  

Looking back to the day of receiving his first salary, Neil feels that, "I am happy that I started off with somewhere. Some people don't easily get a job. India still has a large section of youth who are unemployed who are well educated. I am happy that I got work at such a young age and I got paid for it. I feel happy looking back at it that started from there and I am here today."

Anwesha Kamal

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EXOL 5 years ago good to read this neil..u r the best in all respect..lov u
coolmona_1980 5 years ago Neil u r the best...DABH rocks because of you...
dabh9 5 years ago

Thanks for the articleNeil Bhatt Rockzzz:):)Dabh Rockzzz:):)
SRJKiShraddha 5 years ago aww so sweet so proud of u neil bhatt
u r doing fab as jakir
but u know na kesar is my favvv
Incense 5 years ago aww neil so sweet never knew u started earning at such a young age kudos ! and wat a sweet gesture of giving all the earnings to the parents ! so sweet and so humble ! tht is why ur fans love u to core ! god bless and take care
Neerjalaher 5 years ago Good article Neil. Your responses are so dignified. You acknowledge the difficulty that today's youth face getting a job, and appreciate the opportunities you had, even though you started as a volunteer. Absolutely respect you for giving your pay to your parents. This helps control your expenses is secondary. What you did not mention is that this action signifies the love and respect you have for your parents. That is so sweet of you, as they say actions speak louder than words. Bless you Neil , you are the coolest guy around, love you for
that :)2014-07-21 04:47:38
dabh9 5 years ago hanks for the article
Neil Bhatt Rockzzz:):)
Diya aur baati hum Rockzzz:):)
Shaina_b 5 years ago Even I give my salary to my mom and ask her for money the whole month!!!!

It is good that Neil realizes that a large portion of the educated youth are unemployed!!!!!

rhardik12 5 years ago lov u sooo much nil miss abhi n simmi s jodi in karol bhag
coolmona_1980 5 years ago Neil u r the best...watching DABH just for u lotsss
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