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'I felt I deserved a better send-off' - Shilpa Anand

Shilpa Anand breaks her silence and reasons out why she quit Dill Mill Gayye...

Published: Tuesday,Jun 03, 2008 12:19 PM GMT-06:00
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Shilpa Anand is itching to return to Bollywood. In a frank interview to Telly Buzz, she talks about her Star One show and beyond.

What have you been doing since you quit Dill Mill Gayye?
I am feeling so much free. I have hit the gym for first time in a year. It’s a great feeling to work out. I need to tone my body and get back into shape to suit filmy requirements. I have even started doing gymnastics and yoga for the same. Very soon I will be getting a new portfolio done. Rest assured, you guys will be the first to get access to the new look Shilpa.

Have you short listed any film?
I am in talks with a number of producers, let’s see what happens. I would prefer to do both English off beat films as well as out and out commercial flicks.

Would you be comfortable with a bold image in films?
I am quite modern in my dressing style. I will even wear a bikini for a swim. In fact it was quite difficult adorning a salwar kameez all the time in Dill Mill Gayye. However, this does not mean I will wear outfits which make me look cheap. Plus I will always maintain a delicate balance between a girl-next-door and the sexy girl look, for the plain jane image is important for an actor to connect with the audience.

Now to the big question, why did you quit Dill Mill Gayye?
Look, I wanted to move on. Dill Mill Gayye is a closed chapter as far as I am concerned. Having said that, it would have been better had we parted ways on more friendlier terms. I felt I deserved a better send-off, for it was my acting in those romantic sequences which made the show very popular. I singly handedly lifted the channel’s fortunes.

So what really went wrong there?
See, what really hurt me was the constant accusations that I had skipped shooting and gone off to Goa. Everybody deserves a New Year vacation including me. Even then I had asked them for off 2/3 months in advance.

We have already seen you in films down south. What made you take to television then and now what makes you go back to movies?
As for films, it always the logical next step for an actor. The only reason why I took up TV in the first case was for experience. Working in a daily soap gives you lot of acting lessons. It's not easy learning dialogue after dialogue. Further, it’s much easier doing films. You do one schedule and then take a break. Out here, you are working round the clock.

Back to Dill Mill Gayye, do you think Sukriti Khandpal will fit in your shoes?
It will be quite a challenge for her. She is completely different in look and personality to me. Let’s wait a few days before taking a call on her.

Author: Anil Merani

Ohanna Shivanand

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EliteChic @EliteChic 5 years ago Feel sad for ohana.. she's become a zero. I know that must be hurting . While Jen is the top most actress.
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S-S @AnGelHeartSS 8 years ago You ReaLLy Deserv Muuch Better ShOna... We All Love You...And Always With You...
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Shona_Shilpa @Shona_Shilpa 8 years ago Seems like haters were still burning because of her come back, even after the end of the show. D'oh ROFL
But dear haters, Sorry for disappointing you, but the fact is your favorite actors were not able to got decent TRP for DMG, that's why DMG producer called her again. Otherwise DMG producer and team has nothing to do with her Bollywood career (please use some common sense) or read this article.
when she said 'DMG is close chapter for me' she was wrong. The show who gave her so much popularity she should not say like this about that show. But the good persons are only those, who realize their mistake and does atone for mistakes, which shilpa did. By making a comeback in DMG, She proved that she still care for her fans and DMG friends of her.
dear haters, if your Favorites don't listen to you that is not a anyone else mistake.
I realize that she is behaving arrogantly in this article and if someone has lost anything in her arrogance, that is Shilpa herself. Shilpa didn't harm any other person, unlike your favorites Censored
2015-08-27 22:35:52
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_Jalebi_ @_Jalebi_ 8 years ago @VISUforEternity i agree with u, KSG and Sukku did popular shows after DMG but Jennifer's SC was super flop.
If you wanna bash Shilpa, plz do it, she deserves it for her this segment, but at least give examples of some ideal celebrties. Sukirti is a good person, but KSG and Jennifer? Seriously? Shilpa is any day, anytime better than KSG and Jenny in real life. She has never spoiled someone else life as Grove and winget done and that Kajen are even hundred times more arrogant than Shilpa. that's why Grover got an angry when he did not get the best actor award and Jennifer walk out from SPA 2014 when she didn't get an award. Plus, everyone knows that how rudely she used to behave with Gautam and Monika Bedi on SC set.

and one more thing, DMG was a TV show, not any game of children so that anyone can join it, whenever they want. Shilpa could not come back in DMG anytime. She was back, only when DMG producer approached her again. And if you will read article's about her comeback, so there are clearly mention that Shilpa was back because DMG was getting flop (thanks to Sid-Riddhima-Armaan love triangle), not bcoz she was flop in Bollywood. She was back in the DMG to safe the TRPs (which your better actress Jennifer, was not able to). So please first go and read the articles and try to accept the truth.
I know that Shilpa was behaving arrogantly in 2008 but that's funny, these SA haters, are fans of those celebrities, who crossed all the level of cheapness. their favorites spoiled many peoples live for their own selfish reason and they bashing Shilpa for this article. At least find some ideal celebrities for yourself and then bash her.

2015-08-25 22:22:44
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aliya @.Intoxicated. 9 years ago lol at first she says dmg is a close chapter, and then when her filmy career fails, she returns back to dmg??? and above all take the credits for success of show??? I have heared a lot of fans bashing suku and jenny, I must say suku and jenny are somehow better actresses than her. her expressions are weired especially when she is shoceked.that is why despite of shilpa baby all three of them did popular shows after dmg, ksg in QH, suku in PKYEK and jenny in SWC.
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_Jalebi_ @_Jalebi_ 9 years ago @Miss.Netherland She said DMG is close chapter for me and then she was back in DMG on fans demand. she fulfilled the demand of her fan, Its just NOT makes her seem cheap but it proves that her ego is not bigger than her fans happiness. I know that your fangroup were very jealous when she was back , after all she was getting more screen space and attention than your favorite.
BTW it's very funny that homewreckers fans are talking about cheapness ROFL
your favorite actress spoiled sm1 else married life . Doesn't it seem cheap?? KSG reject her so many times for other women and still she was back to him and even got married to him, Doesn't it seem cheap?? look at your favorites then talks about others .2015-06-13 02:34:13
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Sweet_wish @Sweet_wish 9 years ago Shilpa Anand miss u a lot !!!!!
Shilpa Anand miss u a lot !!!!!
Shilpa Anand miss u a lot !!!!!
Shilpa Anand miss u a lot !!!!!
Shilpa Anand miss u a lot !!!!!
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mak3mesmile @mak3mesmile 11 years ago God she really shouldnt have said that. Thats really really stuck-up. I loved her character and still do. But no matter what unfairness you've been dealt with there is no excuse for being so egoistic when you've done only a couple roles on the small screen. That is why i always keep in mind that the person im seeing on screen is not the same off-screen.

Oh well. Im still a fan of her work but this does ruin a few things.
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ARian_4ever @ARian_4ever 11 years ago I regret pathetically for being her fan!
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Fazish @Fazish 11 years ago is this girl in real of wat taking all the credits.. Lol man.. even suku or jenny never took any credit for the role they did.,., Is this how u claim popularity it seems
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