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I don't have a heroic entry in Love Story 2050 - Harman Baweja

In a few hours from now, it would be known to all whether Harman Baweja has it in him to be a superstar.

Published: Thursday,Jul 03, 2008 10:23 AM GMT-06:00
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In a few hours from now, it would be known to all whether Harman Baweja has it in him to be a superstar. However, he is quick to declare that though it's a mega launch for him, he doesn't quite enjoy a heroic entry in the film.

Says Harman, "Generally when a newcomer sees a huge launch, he comes with a lot of fanfare on screen and there are special ways to announce his arrival. However, none of that happens in my case in Love Story 2050. There isn't anything extra special in the way I am seen first on the big screen."

Errr, isn't it going against the tide? Won't it have helped had he been launched in a larger than life manner?

"I can't give you much detail about how I arrive because that's pretty much the surprise element in the film. It could be a regular entry, it may not be! However, as I said earlier, we are not looking at anything which could b
I dont have a heroic entry in Love Story 2050 - Harman Baweja
e termed as out of this world. There is a certain way that the character has to be projected and this is why we have designed it little differently," explains Harman.

Continuing on a lighter note, Harman adds, "People from both within and outside the industry have a belief ki chalo naya ladka hai, kuch damdaar entry honi chahiye! However, expect something different in Love Story 2050."

Talking about 'different' things, does he really believe that 40 years down the line, Mumbai would boast of 250 story buildings, something which has been shown in abundance in his futuristic Love Story 2050?

"Why not", questions Harman, "We are talking about future here and this is pretty much a possibility. 40 years is a long time to change the landscape of a city. In fact we have also shown flying cars in the film. Now that, too, is a feasible option because in USA, testing on such flying machines is already in progress. We have done good research for the film and kept the city's architecture in mind before getting the special effects on. When you and me will probably meet after 40 years, we could see it all in real with our own eyes!"

Apart from helping out on the research for the film, one also hears that he was almost as an Assistant Director on the sets. Incidentally Harman isn't new to being an Assistant Director and had started playing this role at an age of 19-20 years itself. Some of the films where he assisted his dad (Harry Baweja) have been Deewane, Main Aisa Hi Hoon, Karam and Qayamat.

Quips Harman, "I was almost like an Assistant Director in Love Story 2050 because I would myself be checking out whether things were in place or not before giving my own shots. Also, in the scenes where I wasn't required, I would always be there for any help that may be needed. Throughout the film's shoot, I must have spent 16-18 hours on the sets. It was great to be involved in all the aspects of the film."

Didn't it become difficult though for him to differentiate between professional and personal relations on the sets?

"Not at all because dad is very clear cut about how he wanted things to be", replies Harman, "Yes, I am his son and he is launching me with the film but apart from that he also respects me as a professional. He understands that this is a 26-27 year old guy who knows much more than just the basics of filmmaking and has also completed a course on that. He knows that I am not some dumb guy out there who is just trying to push some suggestions."

"However, if he found that something that I said didn't really make sense, he wouldn't mind saying 'Shut Up' to me in full public view. As I said, he is a thorough professional and he doesn't let relationships interfere in his work", concludes Harman.

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