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"I Do Prefer My Isolation Over Meeting People": Bhumi on Prioritizing What She Feels is Important in Her Life

"I have loved being by myself" : Bhumi Pednekar, who used to have a hectic work schedule comprising of shoots, promotional travel and working insane number of hours, says she has learnt to disconnect and focus on herself


Bhumi Pednekar was used to releasing two to three films a year and shooting about the same number of projects every year since she debuted in Bollywood with her breath-taking acting in Dum Laga Ke Haisha. With the pandemic forcing us to stay at home, Bhumi says she has loved being by herself and has focussed on things that constantly make her happy. 

The versatile actor says, “One thing that I have learnt about myself is that I love isolation. I have love being by myself. I saw a lot of people complaining that they are bored at home or that they cannot go out. I am an extrovert, I am a very social person but this quarantine has led me to realise that I do prefer my isolation over meeting people because I haven’t really been in touch with people. I have kind of been catching over my reading, not seen much television but started watching shows. I have spent a lot of time with my mom and honesty there were days when I did nothing.”

Bhumi says self-love is key to happiness and she has prioritised herself in this lockdown. She says, “I have kind of prioritized what I feel is important in life. I have re-educated myself. But the biggest learning has been that I love being alone. And maybe I have kind of enjoyed this state because as actors you are constantly surrounded by people whether you are promoting or shooting a film. Your immediate entourage is also like a team of quite a few people. You are constantly over the phone, you are constantly over social media.”


Bhumi Pednekar

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