'I die to go to Goa during free time' - Sanaya Irani

Sanaya Irani, the spectacled beauty in Star One's Miley Jab Hum Tum talks about Samrat and her likes in general...

Favorite Co-Star: I really don't have any favorites, as all my co-actors are really very good.
Nupur or Gunjan, who do you prefer playing: I prefer Nupur, because she has a variety of shades to play. But in Gunjan, there is only one expression that I can give and there is no scope for variety; its very restricted as far as expression is concerned.
Plusses and Minnuses in Samrat as Gunjan sees it: There are no plusses that Gunjan notices (grins). Yes only one thing she has begun noticing now is that he is very helpful in nature. Samrat is full of minuses as he always harasses her.
Your Dream Role: I don't have any dream role.
If Gunjan was a prankster, what would she do to Samrat: Gunjan can never be one. If she would be, then she would have harassed him all his life (laughs). She would make all the girls in the college give a nice hit each to Samrat. Also Gunjan would give him lot of attention, and at the last minute would have ditched him..
Favorite Website: I like to search in Google.
The Best Compliment you have received so far: I have a very bad memory. Even if I receive any compliment, I will feel so uncomfortable and uneasy. But I like when my parents compliment me for my acting.
Favorite book/novel: I am not a reader at all. For the first time in my life, I had read three pages of the novel, ‘Three Mistakes of My Life’ by Chetan Bhagat. But then I just could not continue..

Favorite Singer: Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan.
Favorite Holiday Spot in India: Goa, whenever I get free time, I die to go there.
Most Favorite Channel: Star World and Zee café, you name any serial there and I watch it.
Lastly, a special message to all your fans in India-Forums: Thanks for appreciating Gunjan. I enjoy playing the character and I wish people continue to enjoy watching our show. Keep loving Gunjan and keep watching Miley Jab Hum Tum.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Dont go to Goa
Dont go to Goa! This must be the most run down resort in the world,Garbage everywere,Beaches are unclean.Taxis charge what ever they like.30 Brititish touristists die there every year.The government of Goa is one of the most corrupt in the world,and is generally anti forreiner...Maleria and dengue fever is at epidemic proportions particulary in the North,Candolim and Calangute .Is now not a cheap destination and sure to dissapoint.Rivers are polluted above normal limits with e coli.The famous Goan smile masks a devious methed to extract your money or if u r female your dignity as well.Infrastucture is basically zero since no money is pumped into tourism,I could go on,but this resort(I use the word loosely)should be boycotted until they get their act together

15 years ago

sanaya is sooo cute....luv her playin the role of gunjan..!!!

15 years ago

thnx for da article.. lover her as gunjan she is too cute..

15 years ago

gunjan is very sweetttttttttttt.

thanx for the article

15 years ago

awwww she''s soooo pretty.....love her as gunjan she''s doing a fab job in MJHT....she''s very opposite from gunjan....doesn''t read at all`(wow)

15 years ago

i hope this strike ends soon so i can watchDill Mill Gayye and Miley Jabh Hum Tum!!

15 years ago

luv u sanaya!
i hope this strike ends soon so i can watch mayur and sajan!!

15 years ago

sanaya z all so different 4m gunjan...kpn in mind she z nt a reader at all!

15 years ago

woooow! sooo cute and honest! she seems sooo different from Gunjan, yet she does such a good job acting as her!

15 years ago

juss waitin for d new episiodes 2 begin!!!!!!

15 years ago

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