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'I can't participate in Bigg Boss!' Amitabh Bachchan

Telly Buzz gives you Big B’s take on the show that got him back on tube- Bigg Boss Season 3!

Published: Wednesday,Sep 30, 2009 15:09 PM GMT-06:00
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The housemates of Bigg Boss 3 better behave this season for once they come out of that house, they not only have to answer their loved ones but also Amitabh Bachchan who would be waiting for them every in elimination episode with questions and more questions, on why they behaved, how they behaved, on why they said about what they said about someone, so on and so forth.

It's going to be one hot seat, alright, which could make the contestant definitely feel like jumping from the
frying pan into the fire.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Bachchan is back, on TV that is. After four years and two seasons of the iconic Kaun Banega Crorepati, this time, Big B will wear the garb of a gentle 'Pop Philosopher', a term which he says, he has got nothing to do with but is the handiwork of the channel (COLORS). We got a few minutes with B on his new role…
The channel says you are the only one who could engage a four year old to 64-year-old…
(Shakes his head) That's what they think. I have never said or believed that. I am fortunate I get opportunities to do different things. If people feel, at the age of 68, I am still capable of doing something different then I take it as a challenge. Any creative person likes to take up challenges and if you get those, then I simply comply with their demands. Like in case of Bigg Boss 3, they had an idea of how to make this season different from the earlier two seasons…on getting a person who will try and find out what goes on in the minds of the contestants…it was an idea we debated and discussed at length and that's how I am part of it now. I don't know how it will shape up and what exactly I will do when the show starts but that's the challenge.

What exactly will be your role in it?
I would be outside the house. On Fridays we would take a look at the week gone by, see the activities that have happened in the house and the behavior of the housemates. We will have a talk with them about certain things they may have said or done on the show, then we will present the evictees to the viewers and on Saturday will be the final eviction and I would be interacting with them again about their experience.

It's believed that those pearls of wisdom, which you would dole out at the beginning of every KBC episode had gone down so well with the viewers that Bigg Boss 3 too is looking for something like that…
Yes, it's going to be on those lines though I think we will sit together, talk about it, it will be half scripted and we will take it from how we interact with the contestants on the basis of their
behavior for the entire week at the House.

Given your age and wisdom, you think you can read people's minds, see through people?
I am not a mind-reader. I don't think anyone can see through people, it's not possible to find out the real face of anyone. It's this mask or naqaab which we are interested in unveiling. Yes, but what happens is like in a family, when you have elders there who have more wisdom and experience because they have seen more life than you, then you do want to take their guidance and advice. It's natural. For instance, my parents have given me certain values and ideals which I live by, I have given those and more to Abhishek, tomorrow he might use those that he's imbibed from the elders of his family to bring up his children. Blessed are those who have elders in their family. My role in Bigg Boss house is going to be on similar lines. I will be there to take the house mates forward, help them, guide them, whenever they want me to.

You are going to attempt to understand and help the viewers understand why a participant behaved the way he or she did. Is that a big responsibility?
Oh yes, absolutely. Even I will be meeting the contestants for the first time so for me it's going to be difficult to strike a conversation with a stranger and speak to them on a personal level.
It's like meeting someone on the street and starting a conversation. So yes, it's going to be difficult for me as well and it's a huge responsibility.

What is the one advice or principle which your father taught, that you live by?
Man ka ho to achcha, man ka naa ho, toh aur bhi achcha (smiles).

Everyone wears a mask but do you think those in the entertainment industry wear it more often because they have an image to protect?
No, please do not single out the entertainment industry. Even the media wears a mask. It's natural. You don't always do or say what you want to say or do. You say something, you think something else. Everyone does it, it happens.

When I say 'Boss', what's the image that comes to your mind?
It means someone who is superior to you at your workplace, probably more competent than you, who earns more than you and of course someone smarter, more intelligent and capable. Though, I think now the word 'Boss' has got itself a peculiar connotation. We use it differently in
different context. Like, 'Aur Boss, kya chal raha hai?' or yes, even you call a waiter, 'Boss, khane mein kya hai?'

Would you participate in Bigg Boss?
No. I can't confine myself away from everyone and everything for 85 days. Imagine, you can't see your family, you are living with strangers, you have no access to TV, no newspapers and no clock!! No, I definitely don't see myself as part of it.

You started it all by doing a TV show with KBC and now whoever does it thinks when you could do it, even they can…
If they feel it that way then I'm honored that they consider me to be the yardstick. But at the same time I think every star who's done TV or is doing it is doing a great job. Whether it's Shah Rukh Khan, Salman, Govinda or Akshay they have done their best to entertain the viewers. That's all we strive to do.

Finally, reality shows are very popular today and people get on to it sometimes not for any genuine reasons but for their 15 minutes of fame or money or something else. What's your take on the trend?
I see no wrong in it because if you have the facility you will make use of it, won't you? We all are guilty of using the medium and the reality shows to either promote our films or do something or the other. Likewise today if people want to participate in it, let them. Not everyone gets a podium or a platform like TV, which is a growing medium, to express themselves. If someone is getting an opportunity to express their talent then why not, why stop them from using the

Reporter and Author: Kshama Rao

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SecretKhabri420 13 years ago @srihari214: He is coming both Fridays and Saturdays, I might be wrong, but as far I understood the article, it said like this..........
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srihari_phoenix 13 years ago amith ji..
u rockkkk the show...
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LOVE U sir...2009-09-30 09:56:35
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noratanbafna 13 years ago amitaji aap great actor,men hai. aapki family members ko mera salaam.
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simran1285 13 years ago I can't believe people still watch this show. Season one was the only good season.
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