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'I can carry a saree very well' - Megha Gupta

The actress cum dancer shares her fashion secrets as she talks about some fashion fundas...


What's your fashion funda?
Anything that looks nice and makes me feel comfortable. I don't copy as my body structure is different, tall and broad; so I wear clothes accordingly which compliments my figure.

Which is you favorite accessory?
I don't use accessories much, but to compliment I go for finger rings and ear-rings.

Favorite Indian attire?
I think I can carry a saree very well.

Favorite Western attire?

Track pants and T-shirts are the best.

Which is you favorite shopping destination?

Kuala Lumpur. I had gone there for an ad shoot and found that those roadside clothes are good and cheap too.

Whose designs do you like to wear?
Well I don't go for designer wear but in Nach, I wore designs of Sabyasachi. As per my figure the prints looked good on me.

Your favorite brand in make-up?
Clinique. The entire cleansing part of this brand is very nice.

Any icon you look up to when it comes to fashion?

I think for now it would be Preity Zinta. I like the way she dresses these days.

Fashion mistakes, if any?
Trying to do too much in one out fit is the biggest fashion mistake. For example, printed shirt and pants with a printed scarf is just too much.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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sumo5305 7 years ago Dear Megha,

You are looking very nice and beautiful keep it up.


white-heat 11 years ago I love Sabya as a designer. It''s great she got to wear his designs in Nach:)
nehapuri 11 years ago This content is hidden.
vallanki 11 years ago good to know about her and her tastes
AS.. 11 years ago Tani91
love Megha...I''''m going to miss her too much in MTPH and NB4.
sweet_angel27 11 years ago she''s really pretty, and I wanted her and Naman to win!
Nitzzzy 11 years ago she is so nice!i felt bad for her when she didn''t win in Nach but everything was fair!
Jasmine... 11 years ago she is so sweet..liked her as neeti in Kumkum.
Tani91 11 years ago love Megha...I''m going to miss her too much in MTPH and NB4.
samiya. 11 years ago She likes finger rings and ear rings like me LOL
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