'I believe in living a Bindaas life' - Ather Habib

Ather Habib who plays Shaurya in Star Plus' Yeh Rishta talks about what success means to him, his dream role, and about the phrase he believes in...

Describe yourself: I am hardworking and very sincere to my work.

Naitik or Shaurya, the character you like the most: Naitik's character is very nice, no doubts. But I like Shaurya more because he has more shades to play.

Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage: I have not thought of marriage plans as of now. I am just 24, and too young for that.

The Phrase that you always believe in: My papa is a very good writer. He always says, 'Apne ko aazmayiye pehle, khud ko apna banayiye pehle, fatah karna hai gar zamaane ko apne par fatah payiye pehle'. (You test what you are first, you gain control over yourself first, before conquering the world, conquer yourself first)

The one thing you fear in life: I have no fear as such in life. We have one life to live and we need to live it to the fullest. So I believe in living a 'Bindaas' life..

Success to you is: When I go out now, even the small kids of age group 6-8 years recognize me as Shaurya and come and talk to me. This is what I call success where even little kids recognize you. This is a big achievement for me.

Your Dream Role would be: I consider whatever I am doing as my dream role. When I was doing the Hats Off show Chalti Ka Naam Gaddi, all said I got into the skin of the character. And when I got selected to play Shaurya, they were shocked and asked me how could you do this adverse a character?

You are an Introvert or Outspoken: I always think, analyze the person and then talk.

Your Favorite Color: Black and White. If you have observed, in my entry scene in Yeh Rishta, I wore black. When I first went to meet Rajan ji for this role, I wore black, and for the matter of fact, when I went for audition for Hats Off show, I was in black.

Actor you idolize: Amitabh Bachchan.

Your Biggest Ambition in life: To set foot in Bollywood.

Where do you see yourself five years from now:
I do not believe in thinking about future. Whatever has to happen will happen, so we need to work hard and do our best today.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Amitabh Bachchan

Comments (8)

he is too smarty........i like his role in yrkkh...

15 years ago

i like him v much in his role in shourya

15 years ago

He is really cute!! Love him and his character Shaurya

15 years ago

he is so manly , extremly hot, i find him more hotter than naitik

15 years ago

Loved the Interview ShaVa the pair rock.... Liked the Interview

15 years ago

Haii! He''s so adorably cute! Just love him! His chemistry with Pooja (Varsha) is awesome in Yrrkh! :)

15 years ago

oh... he was in chalti da naam gaddi... and i was wondering where i have seen him before...LOLz

15 years ago

y put rajeev khandelwal's pic wen it is salman khan's article???

16 years ago

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