'I am feeling much better now post surgery,' says Indian Idol 10 fame Ankush Bhardwaj

We exclusively got in touch with Indian Idol 10 fame Ankush Bhardwaj to know about his health!

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Recently, we reported that Sony TV's Indian Idol 10 fame Ankush Bhardwaj underwent an eye surgery. He was suffering from an ailment since he was six years old that threatened his eyesight. Thus after some failed treatments and unsuccessful surgery attempts in Shimla and Chandigarh, he went under the knife two days back. We got hold of him to know how's his health at this point and what he plans post this success of his surgery...

He shared, "I am feeling much better now. I went for the surgery two days back. Two surgeries happened on my left eye. The doctor's name is Nitin Bedi and my operation happened in Ojas Eye Hospital, Bandra. Both C3R and Intech surgery happened on the same eye and it took 2 hours." 

He further added, "I am still not able to look properly as my eyes are still bandaged and my medications are on. The proper results won't happen so soon and the complete recovery will take almost one month. Then only I will be able to say. However, doctors have said that 70% recovery has been already done and your eyesight will be completely recovered soon. And after this, I am extremely happy." 

Well, we can't wait to see Ankush back in good health! What do you say? Let us know in the comments below...

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I love Ankush Bharadwaj he was the best i really hope he recovers soon

5 years ago

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