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'I am afraid of public voting' - Prajakta Shukre

The talented Prajakta Shukre who was eliminated just two weeks back, gets back in Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar as the Wild Card Entrant. Here is the singer in conversation...

Published: Saturday,May 31, 2008 13:59 PM GMT-06:00
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Prajakta Shukre, the perfect combination of talent and beauty has had a long musical journey ever since she came to the limelight with Indian Idol 1. Here is the singer talking to our Telly Buzz reporter Binita Ramchandani after making it back to Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar as the Wild card entrant.

I am afraid of public voting - Prajakta Shukre
Tell us about your journey in Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar?
I can say that my journey was so thrilling that now one can write a book on it. It has been really amazing with all the needed ups and downs. I believe that hard work never goes a waste and one always gets the fruits of success. There are many people who have told me that if you don’t have any hiccups in the way of success, then you are not on the right path. But I think having gone out of the contest and to be back again is really a good feeling.

You are back in the race as a wild card entry. Do you feel this time the reaction of the public will be a little different towards you?
I think that people will accept me again, but there is always a pressure to give the best shot. I just hope that I live up to the viewers’ expectations.

Aishwarya was not a part of the wild card round. Any idea why it was?
I felt very bad when I got to know that he is not a part of the Wild Card round. In fact I always thought that he would be surely there. His performance was good and he never did deserve to go out of the competition.

What do you have to say about Farah’s outburst on Himani’s strategy?
Well, I don’ know much details about that, as I too saw this episode on television just like you. Frankly speaking, I was shocked to see this, because as far as I know Himani, she is a very genuine and good person. If she had really planned a strategy, I don’t think she would have opened up before all. I understand that Farahji might have also been angry, but she could have avoided being too harsh on Himani.

While you were in talks for Superstar, we heard that you had got other offers too of singing reality shows, then why this?
Firstly, I liked the format of this show. It had tough competition and I wanted to be a part of healthy competition. So considering all this, Joh Jeeta.. was a right platform for me and so I accepted this one.

Why do you think female contestants don’t get enough votes in reality shows?
I feel it’s very simple because females who vote are always emotional and if they like some guy, they will be dedicated and vote only for him. But men who see us perform are not so, and vote less when compared to girls.

Are you now afraid of voting?
Yes, I just want to make one plea to all the girls who vote for their favorite male singers. I want to request them to vote for girls too so that we also get an equal chance to stay in the race. Above all, I feel that if there is no public voting, I will do better.

Now Indian Idol 4 is coming up, are you also looking for anchoring?
Well to be frank, I had given the audition for anchoring Indian Idol 4, but that didn’t happen for me. But yes, I have signed another big budget reality show, which I cannot disclose now.

Author and Reporter: Binita Ramchandani

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Anamta @ShadowImbue 15 years ago judges have given praju excellent comments but none of them have given her 10 for her previous performance even abhijeet deserves full 30 in comedy episode
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imran khan @imranhashmi 15 years ago very very very happy for her.. !! way to go prajuu....
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fahim chowdhury @nirjor 15 years ago it's very sad for our because priyani is more deserve this place,which gets prajakta.it's shame for champions,who don't vote for right person.i think this very parsial choice.
very bad thing
prajakta you don't deserve this place,shameful.....
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