How does Zee's Dance India Dance make India Dance!?

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Zee's Dance India Dance, produced by The Right Picture has garnered fantastic ratings for the first week. Many dance shows have come and gone but nothing has matched the success of DID. So what makes this dance show click with the audience? We decided to ask the experts…

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Bimal, Creative Head, The Right Picture says, "It's true the response we have gotten for the first week has been tremendous; it is exciting as well as scary. We have realized that the expectation of viewers has risen a lot with the second season coming. The masters have an immense fan following and have got all the adulation from viewers."

Bimal tells us the changes that have been included in DID-2. He says, "We have got a marked improvement this year in the quality of dancers. Also we are bringing in various dance forms, and of course the level of dancing will get tougher. But the overall 'Spirit of Dancing' will remain the same, as this is the USP of our show".

Komal Thakur, Creative Director, DID, says, "Well, I think because the show, even though majorly focuses on talent, never forgets to remind people that they should have 'fun'. The masters, through their interaction with the contestants, kind of make it obvious that DID never loses out on the fun element. Plus, everyone I feel… fell in love with the DID team on Season One and they were just waiting for the comeback."

So who would Komal credit the amazing first week response to? Komal says, "Well, the credit goes to the entire team and not just the masters, the grandmaster or the creatives. It's a team effort."

In addition, to get better audience involvement, DID 2 creators have launched two fun Facebook apparatus -The Lux Dance India Dance Quiz and a Tag-your-friends photo application.

The quiz works in such a way that after you answer a series of questions, the grandmaster tells you which celebrity dancer you most resemble. Your answers decide whether you are more like Hrithik or like Madhuri.

With so much fun involved, why wouldn't we all shake a leg to Dance India Dance!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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ArmaansGirl 10 years ago DID Is AWSOME! &lt;3 Love Terence!
sanaya-groverz 10 years ago did rocks!!!!!!Smile
its a gr8 show........dat to wen terrrence s der........
i5hy 10 years ago The show is only about dance..not about judges fighting or extra drama..Dats the biggest plus for me :) DID is da best dance show ever!
vacchii 10 years ago DID rocks!!!! its d bessst dance show ever ... nothin can match DID.. nothin.. just luvvvvvv every bit of it!!!
yipee 10 years ago DID rocks totally.....in every way...and two thumbs up to the quality this year
desicrowd 10 years ago Love this show...it is apart from all the other shows...and lovvve Terrence...
rabzonedge 10 years ago this is the first tym i m watchng DId..n m loving itt
AfghanLeena 10 years ago love the show alot it is gr8 show and i love all the juges:)

Love Leena:)
.shona. 10 years ago It is india's#1 reality show undoubtedly...i missed season 1 & now i realize what i have missed...DID is amazing!
it is not scripted like other shows, doesnt add extra useless drama (like walking out, etc), they even respect those ppl who r not like us but more special than us, & offcourse the juddges the masters are the most wonderful ppl to look forward to every episode...i love remo, geeta & this other guy whose name i dnt know lol...they are awesome! they dnt reject contestants but encourage them strogly to try next season :)
sagarika. 10 years ago DID is an awesome show. The judges, the participants everyone but to be honest, the show is really getting a lot of trp's coz of Jay. He makes the show so lively and hilarious at times. It used to be a much awaited rememberance of Mithun Da's star in the show and the way Jay would so sportingly take up his dare's... it was really so funny. Even now when he makes the contestants who are tensed so comfortable and console them so sweetly it is really commendable. This show is incomplete without him, how come this article doesnt have a mention of the anchor's of the show? cmon man, jay is the life to this show. we love u jay...:)
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