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Housefull 4 Movie Review: A Stale and Pretentions storyline that’s hardly any funny!

A brainless comedy that is hardly entertaining and which has been working on the same formula for years now. Will the makers offer anything more than a stale and obvious plot? You never know, Housefull 5 might be better!


The emergence of ‘Sexual Comedy’ in cinema is often irritating and cringe for many. And the Housefull franchise has been hanging onto thin hopes by adding unnecessary sexual comments. The U/A (Unrestricted with Caution) certified, comedy-drama has once again failed to make its mark on the audience!

Gone are the days when comedy movies were family-friendly which were loved by all!

In current times, the directors seem to have lost the touch to conceive a good family-entertainer which even the kids can watch and enjoy. The audience definitely expects too much from the Housefull franchise but considering their present choice for storylines it might be really difficult.

The franchise has been running on the same disbelieves and stereotypes for almost a decade now. It’s wonderful how directors and writers reuse the same idea/concept every time they want to make a movie. Carrying around the same filter to create a distraction of how sad the storyline can be, all they ought to do is create chaos in paring up the couples. 

Think about it, the first film was about how the lead characters want to marry girls who are Millionaire and solve their financial issues. Similarly, the second and third worked on the same basic concept, and unlike the previous films, even the fourth installment remains the same.

Why couldn’t the producers ask for a new script and brainstorm for something actually new that can be useful for the audience?

In order to create comedy, the makers should actually try to connect the audience emotionally and maintaining that is difficult. Farhad Samji has conceived glitches in each and every moving frame. The director had a few chances to make the audience laugh and but even they were turned to dust.

The film never had any emotional connect and without that, the film seemed to have no credibility. And the only option left is the addition of sexual content/dialogues.

Riteish Deshmukh is the entertainment factor of this film and without him, the film might have looked incomplete. 

On the other hand, the rest look pretty average as they can hardly make you laugh with over-acting. 

In conclusion, this brainless comedy makes you laugh only three-four times throughout the film and eventually you lack the reason to laugh. Sexual comedy can be a bummer and taking children to watch this film can be a mistake as half the time they might ask you what was the context of the joke.

(Ratings- 2/5)  


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