Honeymoon time for Hari and Shree...

The love birds of Zee's show Shree take off for their honeymoon, totally unaware of the impending danger and troubled times they will have to face out there...

Finally, Zee's supernatural show Shree, produced by Hats Off Productions will see some happy and romantic moments between Hari (Pankaj Singh Tiwary) and Shree (Wasna Ahmad).

According to our source, "With the track of Purani Khoti getting over, the Raghuvanshi family get back home, and plan to send Shree and Hari to Lonavla for honeymoon. As the couple is all set to go on a joyous trip, there enters into the house, Sarla Ben the new servant who is actually Putli Bai, Kangana's mother in disguise".

As reported earlier, Nimisha Vakharia will play Putli Bai. We had also written earlier that there will soon be a death in the family. "Jigna Ben, the servant in the Raghuvanshi family will be killed by Putli Bai. However, the family is not aware of her death and believes that she has gone to her village, and Jigna in turn has sent Sarla Ben (Putli Bai) into the household as a temporary replacement till she gets back".

Putli Bai once into the house will activate all the evil powers, and there will arise many problems in the family. "Shree and Hari who take off to Lonavla will indeed have lots of hiccups, and their pleasant trip will turn sour. There is also an accident sequence being planned during the course of the trip, but nothing is clear as of now", adds our source.

The story will now focus on Putli Bai trying to get a strong hold on the family. Also, the track will steadily progress towards the re-entry of Kangana, which will take place after 25-30 episodes. "Mangda Ben's character essayed by Tanaz Currim is stipulated to end soon. However, the production house plans to extend her character, as they have got good reviews for the character of Mangda Ben who has been a solid support system for Shree in her bad times", states our source.

Nimisha Vakharia will enter into the Raghuvanshi house coming Monday, and this will mark the start of a new chapter in Shree's life..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (10)

no happiness exists in any show for too long it has to b spoiled lol


14 years ago

They shud take a brk from the current kangana and her mothers track and just concentrate on Shree and Hari... let them enjoy a little bit... Dey are goin 4 der honeymoon and the creatives are planning on ruining it.

14 years ago

please somebody tell me how kangana died??

14 years ago

c i like this show
becaz it moves fast
but poor shree

14 years ago

ek baat batao...Magla Ben was supposed to do bhooto ka muh kala n all stuff.....bt I find dat she did practically nothing.....just bt suppporting Shree....n dis Kangana stuff...Putli ben....all r like...Idunno get dis all...ne how....chalo choro...

14 years ago

It would be LOVELY to see Hari and Shree's romantic scenes. But it would be really sad for them to have a ruined honeymoon. Wish them a HAPPY LIFE someday.

14 years ago

Putli Bai looks really scary.Hope Shree and Hari will have some romantic moments.

14 years ago

ohh would Hari and Shree live a happy life?

and yes tanaaz's character is really sweet, she must stay for some more time

14 years ago

the show must keep her please don't let her go.really like her raghuvanshi house is enough big please let her stay.not happy with kangana returning back.the sun is brightning in the life of hari n shree that really good news.

14 years ago

thnx yar its very gud
so finally w'll se some romentic scenes of hari & shree

14 years ago

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