Hiba Nawab: "It is going to be a difficult journey for Jhanak and Anirudh"

Will Anirudh be able to safeguard Jhanak from the evil intentions of Arshi? Hiba Nawab, aka Jhanak from the Star Plus Show, shares her insights about it.

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Hiba Nawab

Star Plus is known to deliver extraordinary content and venture into unexplored territory, and continuing the spree, Star Plus has brought its audience a new show, Jhanak. Hiba Nawab is seen essaying the titular role of Jhanak in the show, along with Krushal Ahuja, aka Anirudh, as the main protagonist, and Chandni Sharma will essay the character of Arshi in the show.

Jhanak is the tale of a talented girl who grows up through hardship and obstacles and aspires to be a dancer. The makers recently dropped an interesting promo that shows the hardships that Jhanak goes through. While Anirudh and Arshi are away at a party, the family members plan to depart Jhanak from the house and send her back to Kashmir. Anirudh is unaware of the unforseen circumstances that have unfolded on Jhanak. It will be intriguing to witness whether Anirudh is successful in safeguarding Jhanak from the vindictive intentions of Arshi, or if Jhanak will be a victim of it.

Hiba Nawab, aka Jhanak, from the Star Plus show Jhanak shares, "It is going to be a difficult journey for Jhanak and Anirudh. Anirudh tries to stop Jhanak from leaving, but Jhanak is reluctant and wants to leave. There is something that will occur, which will in turn make their complex relationship more complex. Jhanak and Anirudh share a bond that they are both unaware of; they care for each other's well-being. Anirudh has always wished for Jhanak's success and to create her own identity. There is a lot to explore in the relationship that they share. It will be intriguing to witness what will happen next, and will Anirudh be successful in stopping Jhanak from leaving the house?"

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