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Renowned astrologer Shri. Pankaj Gupta gives an insight on the future of our very popular daily soaps...Wanna know how your favorite serial will fare in future, get it right here on Telly Buzz...

Astrology has always tugged at the hearts of mankind. We have always been keen to know what our future has in store for us. Regardless of their overt opinions, individuals have always toyed with the possibility of there being a destiny and finding ways to decipher the often-mysterious code.

We have seen what the stars have to say about our popular television stars, and what the future holds for them. However, this time Telly Buzz brings the prediction of the very popular daily soaps on television. Making the predictions here on the serials is the renowned astrologer from North India, Pankaj Gupta who is well-learned in Astrology, Gemology and Occultism. He believes in justifying the knowledge he has and has clients spread all across the country...

So let us see what the stars have to say about the most popular daily soaps of television.

Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai:

The show of Rajan Shahi's that started on 8th October 2007, took the nation by storm right from its inception. The show has been popular with the audience from day one and will continue to do so until 17th October 2009. Right from the beginning, the planet Saturn has ruled the show and will continue to do so until 17th October 2009. Venus will rule the show from 17th October 2009 to 16th August 2012, increasing its popularity immensely among the audience. Maayka:This show on Zee began on a good note. It went on air on 15th January 2007 and has progressively been doing well. From 1st January 2008 to 5th June 2010, the planet Venus will rule the show and the show will do well. Although it will face a lot of ups and downs in the days to come, the show will do well by the end of the year 2008, gaining its popularity once again.

Babul Ka Aangan Chootey Na:

Ratna Sinha’s show began on 21st January 2008 with Jupiter ruling it. Although it has been a popular serial, it will face difficulties after 18th August 2008. Difficulties like tiffs between the director and the star cast is on cards. Due to these difficulties, there are chances that the show might even go off air. The producer needs to avoid all controversies and deal with the tiffs amicably by the end of 2008. If done, the show will gain its popularity in 2009 and will continue to do well.

Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil:

This new Ekta Kapoor daily began on a very good note. From the day it began until 3rd March 2008, the show struggled to make an identity for itself. Thereafter, due to mars ruling the orbits the show has been very popular with the audience and will continue to do so till 10th October 2008. As time goes by, its popularity will increase. The show will reach the heights of success by 23rd June 2010.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan:

Started on 14th August 2006, this show has been steadily climbing the ladders of success. Its ruling star has been Pisces and under its influence, the show will continue to do well. Apart from Pisces, Venus has been ruling this show from 15th March 2008 and will continue to do so till 16th July 2011. Due to the presence of the Venus, the popularity of the serial will steadily rise day by day, making it one of television’s most popular serial.

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi:

One of television’s most popular shows that started on 3rd July 2000, has been climbing the ladders of success steadily for the last eight years; this show started under some very good signs. However, due to the presence of Jupiter, since the beginning of the year 2006, the show has been steadily losing the audience’s interest. In fact, the popularity of the show is dwindling and by the year 2009, the show will be one of the least popular shows. By 7th May 2010, the show will go thru’ its last days. According to the stars, it is very difficult for the show to survive after this phase.

Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan:

Another show that started on 15th July 2002, has steadily been climbing the popularity charts, and this BAG Production began with Jupiter and the Sun traveling in the same direction, which was a good sign for the show and one of the reasons for the show’s doing well till date. In fact, the serial gained huge popularity from 13th July 2003 and was appreciated by the audience till 12th June 2006. This charm will go on until 13th May 2009. However, post May 2009, the audience’s interest in the show will wane and with the emergence of the year 2010, the serial has a very low chance to sustain...


The very popular epic started on NDTV Imagine started on 21st January 2008. The show started in the Punarvasu star, which is a star of Jupiter. As of now, the Mahadasa of Guru is running and the show will have a decent run till 24th August 2008. From 24th August 2008, the epic show will get more popular and will be appreciated by one and all.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan:

The Creative Eye Production show, Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan was launched on 26th September 2006, a very auspicious day for a new project. As of now the serial is doing well as it is placed in the Guru Mahadasa which started on 2nd January 2007 and this said period will continue till 9th April 2009. The popularity of the serial will increase with time and will be liked by the audience for quite long...

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WOw i am happy with kis desh predictions

14 years ago

Desh will rock till next yearr!! InshaAllah!!

14 years ago

kis desh totally rocks!!...i am a krazzy fan!!

14 years ago

nice to know!!!! thanks..........good they got the pple

16 years ago

these things actually exist in India!
never knew

16 years ago

rs, 25,000. that's not so crucial for a big celebs like SRK...anyway they got caught, that gud ,..thnks

16 years ago

Interesting! So much to do when a celeb's card goes missing!

16 years ago

pankaj bhaiya is the best astrologer in india.al his prediction r proven true.if any one of u is interested in making ur future bright then i can help u meet him .i liv in meerut .i m shivam a close relative of pankaj bhaiya.al u people contact him through me.my no is 9358831101.

15 years ago

Shubh may be bumped off . Show will go on & will be fine.

15 years ago

i dont believe in all this.... to me banoo man teri dulhan is not doing good at present time. its loosing its audience already... how can it excel till that sindoora is ruling the show.... i dont agree...

15 years ago

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