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Happy ending for Babul Ka Aangann..

Finally, there is some reason for Aastha to smile, as the show on Sony will see a happy ending on February 5...

Published: Wednesday,Feb 04, 2009 13:44 PM GMT-07:00
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Happy ending for Babul Ka Aangann..
Ratna Sinha's Babul Ka Aangan on Sony is all set to bid adieu to the audience this Thursday. At one point of time, this was the number one show of Sony, but post strike things didn't work out well.

"The show will be concluding tomorrow and it will see a happy ending. There has been lots of ups and downs in Aastha's life, but now things will turn out to be good as her enemies gets destroyed", says our khabroo.

Talking about the last episode our source adds, "Aastha brings out the truth about Saksham and he gets arrested. Alongside she gives birth to the child of Shubh and as usual they all live happily ever after".

When asked about the abrupt ending of the show our source quips, "Post strike the story line of the show went haywire which resulted in the drop of TRP's. Thus with the mutual decision of the channel and Producer, the show is being pulled off air".

We tried calling Ratna Sinha, but she remained unavailable for comments.

Here we can say that, 'All's well that ends well.'

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Vijaya @vallanki 14 years ago even b4 it is not that interesting..title dint match the story..good to wind up
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Sue Jeet
Sue Jeet @Sue Jeet 14 years ago Its such a shame because I agree at one point it was number one on SONY! Its sad how things landslided like that after the strike.....oh well......best of luck to the cast!
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Hetal @ibelieveinpink 14 years ago I wish the show remained good after post-strike, love the show way back in the beginning!
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Samia @Sweet_Kandy 14 years ago good it''s endin ( sorri if it hurts any1) instead of Babul Ka Aangaan they showed husband ka aangaan..uufff
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sweet_angel27 @sweet_angel27 14 years ago I stopped watching this show a while ago but will see the last episode tomorrow :)
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Sonia @Sarah9bella 14 years ago hope to see Shubh and Astha again in another show
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Private -- Sonu is my petname .. @Sonu_usa 14 years ago Not a NO Name source who lacks skills in this area..making Bogus statements against facts & data present in front of the world. If that''s the case ..All other shows Post strike would be in the same state going haywire & off air..Why Babul .. Kindly deal & face the truth ..da name is RAHIL AZAM .

Ratna Sinha became victim to strike in the first place due to Karmic influence ..One’s destiny shapes up according to one’s deeds ..Bad judgement ..led to downfall of the show.. Ratnaji selected 2 candidates as lead ..by outer look ..did her best to promote them but failed miserably not veiwer friendly & She became victim to their demands . She killed the powerful wishfulfilling tree Swayam without thinking..regretted later ..
Ravan’s lanka got destroyed with Vibhishan’s exit his divinity stabilized Lanka ..Sameway Rahil’s Exit got lot of problems for Ratnaji ..power of divinity faded & she became victim to financial demands of Sid Shukla with low input & hi output..Strike ..loss of trp’s.. loss of viewers & Realised her mistake planned Swayam’s Return ..wahan khudaa ki manjuri nahin thee .. Rahil Azam is Anmol ..Expensive things cannot be afforded at a cheap Price. Khudaa filled his jholi with a lead Role ..good things comes to good ppl...stood loyal to Bohra grp ..Rahil Azam is sincere dependable & dedicated to his profession ..Rock Solid from inside..has lot of atma swaabhimaan in him,very very honest in his dealings.. Veiwer Friendly.Now we can conclude with Famous Dadaji’s words : Satya Sanataan Hai Truth prevails .. Can be seen ..Now We can conclude with the truth ..all ‘s well that ends Well.. This is the Real Truth ..

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surveen @surveen_kapoor 14 years ago well..... deserve that.. its ok but what happend to the show after shubhs death? they dont show it repeat episode coz of that irratating adds! my gosh so i dont know whats happend???? she is going to marry swayam kya?
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Crystal @-AMIGAIL-LOVER- 14 years ago I am gonna miss BKACN i didnt watch after sidh got negative but i well miss Astha & sidh soo much want them back in a new serial togtehr they such a cute couple!
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monica.s.j @monicasj10 14 years ago am gonna miss dis show......
after dey killed shubh......dis had to happen
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