'Hand on my heart, I want Ravi to win' - Shaan

Amul Star Voice of India host, Shaan talks about his personal views on the finalists, and much more...

The sensational Shaan, host of Star Plus’ Voice of India gets candid and shares his personal views on the finalists and much more. 

How has the experience of the current season of Star Voice of India been?
It has been good. We have picked up a number of positives. There have been no major fights between judges themselves and with the participants. It has been quite a peaceful show, when compared to the last season which was full of drama. The talent on the show has also been good.

But playing the devil’s advocate, can I ask you that don't these stunts help to pull in audiences?
That might have worked earlier, but not any more. These unreal fights tend to turn off the audiences. If a reality show remains real, it's better.

Having said that, when we chose Sukhwinder Singh and Ismail Darbar , we thought it would be perfect for friction. But somehow they have become good friends and decided not to fight. Some times even I tried to incite them but to no avail. A little drama does help to spice up matters. Actually, it is very difficult to fathom what audiences want, for despite them screaming about such going arounds, yet they do watch them.

For the first time a girl may win a reality show?
Yes Saptaparna is the most talented and consistent among all the girl contestants. If she does win, it will break the myth that only boys can win.

But don't you think that she lacks the X-factor?
Yes she comes from a small town from Assam, so does not have much of a style statement. However, she is slowly learning the ropes slowly. All said and done, she is a good singer. I am sure there will be many genuine voters who might like style, but yet choose a better singer. All these add-ons are important, but they cannot take away from your voice.

Your take on Ravi Shukla?
He is a good singer who has come up against all odds. He did not have support from the judges. But he has the confidence and girls go crazy after him.
Who do you think has a better chance?
Hand on my heart, Ravi. He has more votes going for him. Had Saptaparna got the X-factor, may be things would have been different. 

Don't you think reality shows have been done to death?
Yes and I personally feel that this might be my last reality show. There is too much strain on my throat.

Most reality show winners disappear after a while. Your take on this.
Says who?? Most of them cut albums, take off for world tours. They make mega bucks.

But they have no scope for play back, right?
Play back is a different scene. I have a different take on this thing. I really find it weird that composers these days choose singers, who not only have bad pronunciation and throw, but are besura also. Their voices tremble and these people call it style.

What we teach them here are the basics. This training does not seem to click right now, but yes it will come in good stead for them later. Another thing what works against these guys is that it will take them some time to find their own style.

Can we see Shaan acting in the future?
No way, I am quite comfortable singing. And the current actors leave a lot to be desired. Looking at some of them I feel that anybody can do a better job than them. Besides, acting is a very tough proposition. You have to spend many days away from family, and I can’t stay away from my kids.

Do you think most reality shows are using the 26/11 incident as a publicity gimmick?
Yes it has become an over kill. The same patriotic songs are being sung across all shows. But at the same time, we can’t have all fun and game given the atmosphere.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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There are other music directors beside R D Burman like Shanker Jaikishan who have given GREAT music so PLEASE I would like to see one show based on their compositions every year for this SUPERB MUSIC DIRECTORS.

15 years ago

Evn they used 26/11 as a pupet 4 their finale!!!! Hypocrite Shaan!!!! :P

15 years ago

Thanx for the interview! I love the way Shaan is so frank yet sweet :)

15 years ago

thanx 4 the article happy shaan has decided no more reality shows now we can hear more of his songs

15 years ago

Shaan is a great host,an amazing human being and is very honest too.

15 years ago

i agree with shaan that reality shows are way overdone now!
Like every channel has the same kind of reality show and its getting very repetitive and boring now!

15 years ago

yeh , i also want ravi 2 win but in 2days part either vipul , rithisha or ravi might go out . i wanted saptaparna 2 go out .

15 years ago

yeah i also want ravi to win that girl is in final only because of that smile(wrong spelling)he is so un fair that judge i hate him!!!

15 years ago


16 years ago

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