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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega To Take a Leap of 4 Years

Popular Zee TV drama, Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega will soon witness a 4 year leap. While Guddan will stay separately with Revti, Akshat and Antara will be shown together in the post leap phase....


Popular Zee TV drama, Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega will soon witness a 4 year leap. The show is keeping the audience glued to their screens with its twists and turns.

As per the plot, Guddan (Kanika Mann) was unable to prove her innocence to Akshat (Nishant Malkani) and Akshat will decide to leave Guddan and marry Antara (Dalljeit Kaur) instead!

Post Antara and Akshat’s marriage, the show will take a four year leap and concentrate on their marital life.

While Guddan will stay separately with Revati, Akshat and Antara will be shown together in the post leap phase.

On the scale of 1-10, how excited you are for this upcoming twist?

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br200910 4 months ago Love this show .. love Nishant as Akshat Jindal n love Akshan jodi but now total spoil story track.. why leap can't understand Now cvs total spoil Akshat character only for Chudail Antara n guddan poor abla naari so not charm for story..Not interested guddan heroin ...
ushasunder11 4 months ago This is stupidity to the core. The serial lacks lustre and great talents going down the drain not being given their due potentialities. Would be the happiest if this goes off air despite garnering awards in the recent zee family awards. Every time there should not be negativity at its supremo..... Doctors and hospitals not to be degraded as such which will effect the general public who are as it is very evasive about hospitals these days. Such incidents on serial will only strengthen such thots. Moreover the serial is going against law. When the first wife is still legally wedded to the person the serial showcases an illegal wedding....such unlawful portrayal bad impact on the genext. Hope CVs wake up soon and improve the script to ensure audience reach out.
Krilovad 4 months ago i'm not interested Now Cvs total spoil Akshat jindal character why ?? How Sad track now Guddan Tumse na ho payega ... Still can't understand only for Cvs makers love Antara so total spoiled lovely story track why ? Just hate Antara . love u Nishant .
jmoyee200 4 months ago Why Spoil Story of AKshan...?? cvs want to say...Star bane ke liye home family chodo... makers....Old AJ and Bold AJ ko by Force Dumb making....Because...If AJ not bad or Dumb...then How can GUDDAN Devi Mahaaan..??. i Don't know why cvs Spoil AJ Character??
kshah1987 4 months ago 1. This is stupid and lazy writing. I have no problem with drama and obstacles but this is boring and repetitive. Also AJ is completely unredeemable in my view. They have dismantled him and honestly, he should stay with antara. Get guddan a new love interest.
jmoyee200 4 months ago So Boring track...Disgusting Antara Entry...and Just for Antara...makers makes by force AJ Dumb.... We lost Old Bold AJ.... NOT Wanted...AJ Antara Marry..........Guddan ko Ablaa Nari banane ke liya Akshat ko Fool bana diya makers ne..just for Antara cvs Spoil the GTNHP show and AJ Character ....
sanyoprithviraj 4 months ago 1: not interested at all. have stopped watching since ages especially after antara reentry
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