Grand Lohri celebration in Dil Deke Dekho!

Will the Shastri’s and the Chopra’s celebrate Lohri together?

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The drama in the life of the newly married lead couple, Rahul (Abhishek Bajaj) and Preet (Anju Jadhav) in Sony SAB's Dil Deke are never-ending. The couple is ready for the festival of Lohri which will be their first festival after marriage.
On one hand, the Chopra's are all set to celebrate the festival of Lohri, but on the other hand, Rahul is miffed as they haven't invited the Shastri's' for the festivities. Rahul tells Preet that the Chopra's should have invited the Shashtri's for Lohri.
Meanwhile, Sherry (Jitesh Lalwani) and Bubbly (Jaswinder Gardner) come to invite the Shastri's for Lohri. Sherry invites everyone but does not personally invite Atal (Chetanya Adib). Atal gets upset and refuses to attend the celebration. To add fuel to the fire (quite literally), Sherry orders sandalwood for the bonfire, but at the last minute, due to some reasons, the supplier is unable to deliver it which gets him into trouble.
What will happen next? Will the Shastri's and the Chopra's celebrate Lohri together?
Commenting on the track, Jitesh Lalwani, who plays Sherry says, "We had a lot of fun while shooting for this Lohri track. It will be interesting to watch how the last minute chaos of the unavailability of sandalwood will add to the drama."

Stay tuned for further updates.

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