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Gory, Brutal Yet Comic: Lupita Nyong'o Battles Zombies in 'Little Monsters Trailer

The movie is set to have a limited theatrical release.


It certainly seems that after the immense success of Us, Lupita Nyong'o has become a pioneer with horror and slasher genre. After that outing, Nyong'o now stars in an upcoming slasher comedy, Little Monsters.

The trailer of the film recent came out and it showcases Nyong'o batting zombies. On the whole, the slasher-comedy follows washed-up musician Dave (Alexander England), who volunteers to chaperone his nephew’s elementary school field trip after developing a crush on his fearless kindergarten teacher Miss Caroline (Nyong’o). However, when Dave attempts to win over Caroline from another enthralled man (Josh Gad), a sudden zombie outbreak disrupts his plans. All of a sudden, the trio are forced to fight flesh-eating zombies while dealing with a messy love triangle.

The trailer warns that it contains flesh-eating zombies, assault with a deadly guitar, strong language, firearms, disembowelment, death metal, gore, mini-golf, and more.

Even though its a slasher film, it also has several laughs in store for everyone thus making it a great combination to look out for. “This might be a little much…for everyone,” Nyong’o says when a zombie enters a school-bus, threatening to kill her and her kids.

Nyong’o also tells Gad’s character to “stop f—king swearing,” in front of the kids as murderous zombies lurk outside the classroom.

The Hulu original movie is only one of a handful that the streamer has produced, including a string of documentaries like last year’s Fyre Festival documentary “Fyre Fraud.”

“Little Monsters” will enjoy a limited theatrical release on Oct. 8 before becoming available on Hulu on Oct. 11.

Courtesy : Youtube

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