Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Surekha plans to show Harini their superior status at Durva's engagement

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Savi informs Ishaan about Harini's performance, setting the condition that nobody will insult her sister, while Surekha has a different plan.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Tonight's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode begins with Surekha telling Yashwant they need to be more cunning in dealing with a cunning enemy. She reveals her plan to show Savi's (Bhavika Sharma) sister their superior status at Durva's engagement, aiming to make Savi understand her place. Surekha mentions inviting the girl chosen for Ishaan (Shakti Arora) to Durva's engagement, earning praise from Yashwant. Nishu expresses concern about potential disturbances at Durva's engagement, but Surekha assures him that Sam's family will not attend the sangeet, ensuring a smooth event.

Ishaan meets Harini, who warmly welcomes him and asks if Savi made any mistakes. Ishaan denies it and shares his purpose for meeting Harini. Impressed with Bakarwadi, Ishaan requests Harini to perform at his sister's sangeet, expressing confidence based on Santosh's recommendation. Harini, sceptical, says she will confirm with Savi. Ishaan agrees and asks Harini to send a Bakarwadi box to Savi.

Savi, receiving the Bakarwadi through Shukla, questions him about its origin. Shukla reveals Surekha's involvement and how Ishaan requested Harini's performance. Savi calls Harini, discovering Ishaan's proposal, and insists that Harini reject it. Shukla attempts to explain, but Savi remains adamant. Harini, complying with Savi's wish, messages Ishaan about her inability to perform.

Suspecting Savi's interference, Ishaan calls Shukla to confirm, then summons Savi to his cabin. Meanwhile, Isha asks Shantanu to return to Bhosale's house, but he expresses feelings of worthlessness. Isha rebukes him, emphasizing the dead nature of their relationship. In their meeting, Ishaan implores Savi to let Harini seize the opportunity, revealing Santosh's recommendation. Savi, surprised, reconsiders her stance. Shantanu, frustrated, vents to Isha, who decides to leave. Shantanu requests her to stay, but Isha reminds him of the lifelessness of their relationship.

When contemplating Ishaan's words, Savi ponders whether to allow Harini to perform in the Bhosale house. Spotting a butterfly, she decides in favour of Harini. Savi informs Ishaan, setting the condition that nobody will insult her sister. Ishaan promises to uphold this condition. Savi then approaches Harini, granting permission for her to sing in the Bhosale house and assuring her safety. Harini, recalling past trauma with Kiran, hesitates, but Savi encourages her to overcome her fear. Harini agrees to perform with the condition that Savi accompanies her for support.

Precap: Ishaan and Savi engage in a Romeo and Juliet role-play, with Ishaan accidentally mentioning Reeva's name instead of Savi's during a declaration of love. Reeva confesses her love to Ishaan, leaving him stunned.

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