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'Generation Next' - The Flavour in Mamta!

Get to know more on the Stars of the New Generation who play Pivotal Roles in Zee's Mamta! Exclusive Pictures Included!

Published: Wednesday,Jun 20, 2007 13:54 PM GMT-06:00
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Rumours made a buzz all around that Zee and Shreya Creations had decided to shut the doors on the serial Mamta. Mamta which was viewed as the Surprise Package for the Non Prime Time slot gave jitters to one and all when it suffered with low TRPs. Even more shocks were in line as the Production House, out of the blue, announced that Mamta will be taking a tweny year leap. Panic attacks spread all over the show. Who will be part of the leap? Who is opting out? Who will the be new faces on the show? With loads of debates, confusions and story alterations, the leap finally took place about a month ago. The viewers were introduced to many fresh faces and we even got a taste of the blast from the past.

In other words, we can very well say that the Flavour on the Sets of Mamta today is “Youth and their Exuberance”. So going with the flow of time, here is a chit-chat with the younger generation seen in Mamta.

Gagan Aryan:

Generation Next - The Flavour in Mamta!
The Charm and Life of the serial Mamta from Day One was the little kid, Krish who stole our hearts and left us smiling with his amazing screen presence at this tender an age.. Today we do miss this little child prodigy, but its so very nice to see a bubbly and chubby lad, resembling our little Krishu, playing the grownup Krishna now. So here we welcome the Krishna of New Generation Gagan Aryan…

How did this role happen?

Gagan: I was at home and I got call from Shreya Creations to come and give an audition the same night. I was out of a job, so I went ahead. I didn't know the story at all, I had no idea about the show. After the auditions, I got a call the next day that I was selected and after coming on the show I got to know that the guy playing Krishna was replaced. I felt bad for that guy. But this is the way in which I got this role.

What projects have you done before?

Gagan: I was doing Sony's Kabhie Toh Nazar Milao previously..

Oh, that's why you looked familiar ,but it was just hard to place you ….

Gagan: (laughter) yes, I was chubby then, I've lost some weight now and I plan to loose a lot more with my gym, provided I get some time.

How has it been working on the sets of Mamta?

Gagan: Its been pleasant, yet very hectic. I hardly get time to sleep. We have been shooting non-stop. But the work environment is nice and most of all the people are great. We have an excellent team here.

How has it been working with Narayani and Anand?

Gagan: Narayani is very co operative and Anand is very helpful. Normally, I do my own scenes, but if there are places where I go wrong, Anand helps me out and corrects me and I truly appreciate that. I always welcome good advices.

Who are you going to end up with in the serial- Meera or Meme?

Gagan: On screen, I don't know who will I end up with. I am honestly clueless about the story. I just get the script in my hand right before the shot. I don't even know what scenes am I performing. Even if I ask for a script, I get the answer that its not done yet. We have absolutely no banks of episode. We shoot one day and it is telecasted the next day. As of now, the story is that Krishna cooks up plans to take revenge from his dad and his mom is happy that he is being a good son, 'ek accha, sanskari Hindustani ladka'.

Does that mean you'll be negative?

Gagan: No, Krishna cannot be negative. He is just taking revenge from his dad.

How is the whole chemistry with everyone? Especially with Abhishek, who plays the role of Aarav?

Gagan: Abhishek and I are best buddies off screen. We keep teasing each other a lot. We bully each other during our shots. Our masti and drama is full on action.

Any new projects in the pipeline?

Gagan: I get no time off from Mamta. I cant even imagine taking up something new at this point.


Generation Next - The Flavour in Mamta!
Mamta moves from Mumbai with her kid Krish and here in an unknown city, she gets a Confidante and a Wellwisher in Mishty Bua, played by Jayati Bhatia. Meme played by Akansha, our next New Generation Actor, is the cute and adorable daughter of Mishty Bua. With her subtle and romantically shy character, Akansha makes us fall in love with her cute character. Lets talk to the girl from Lucknow and get an insight on her role of Meme.

How did this role happen?

Aakansha: I was called for an audition and then a look test after which I got selected.

Projects in the past?

Aakansha: I was hosting a Disney show.

Do you relate to Meme at all?

Aakansha: Yes, infact this is easier for me to do, as I am a lot like Meme. The only problem I have is with the glasses, as I don't wear glasses in real life. But other than that, its all ok.

Does that mean you do tarot readings too, because Meme is fond of tarot reading?

Aakansha: (laughter) no no, I don't do tarot cards, but I am into zodiac signs and astrology.

How has it been working with Narayani?

Aakansha: She is so supportive. Since I am not that experienced, I just concentrate on my acting. Narayaniji takes care of my looks. She helps me out with makeup and the final touches. If my hair isn't perfect, she'll make sure its done right. Even Jayati Bhatia who plays my mom in Mamta is very caring.

How is the love story going to take place between you and Krishna?

Aakansha: I do not know. We aren't told anything. But when I joined the show, I was told that Meme will love Krishna, but Krishna wont really care and in the long run, a new guy will come in to Meme's rescue. But I don't know who he is, or when will he be brought in the show.

Any new projects in the pipeline?

Aakansha: Well, I am doing a weekly for Doordarshan's show - Aagaaz. Also I am doing a Pakistani serial, which I guess is on Air by now. The unit comes to India to shoot and I am playing one of the leads there.

Tell us something more about the Pakistani show.

Aakansha: The person opposite me is Imran, he is a very well known actor in Pakistan. Also in the show, there is another famous Pakistani actress named - Moriar. The name of the show is - Yeh Vaada Rahaa.

How do you manage all of this?

Aakansha: Well, Mamta is a daily and Aagaaz is a weekly show. I am done with Yeh Vaada Rahaa. So it doesn't get that hectic anymore.

Shruti Sharma:

Generation Next - The Flavour in Mamta!
She is loud and crazy. A complete chatter box in both reel and real life, Shruti a.k.a. Meera of Mamta is jubilant to be a part of Mamta. She plays a happy go lucky girl whose only problem is that her parents don't get along. A girl who loves life and loves to be in love, Meera teaches you that no matter how dark, days are ahead, every cloud does have a silver lining. Below is a quick Chit Chat with Shruti Sharma who takes us on a joy ride of the love triangles and polygons created on the show.

How has it been working with experienced actors like Narayani and Anand?

Shruti: I have not worked much with Narayani yet, but Anand has been very nice and very helpful.

How has it been working on the sets?

Shruti: Its been very nice. Its been only a month since we've joined in. We are all working very hard. Its been a hectic schedule.

Tell us something about yourself, and how did you get Mira.

Shruti: I went for an audition for three shows and I got into Mamta. It happened very fast, within a day I was selected and we began shooting the next day. Everyone has become very close. We have been shooting non-stop. We are handling ourselves and our acting, we have no time for anything else. We work for 4 days in a row and it seems like we have been working forever.

How is the story going to be now?

Shruti: There is Arav, Me, Krishna and there is going to be some wierd love triangle sort of a thing.

We were all in doubt asto who you are really. You couldn't be Masuma's daughter, as that would make you Krishna's cousin. So the big question mark was that where is masuma exactly? Do you have any idea?

Shruti: Thankfully its out in the open now, that I am Sid and Yana's daughter. If I was Masuma's daughter that would make me and Krishna cousins. But then me and Krishna are sort of related due to Mamta's marriage with Sid. So its like, we are step brothers and step sisters.

Talking about you and Sid, how is the whole story going there?

Shruti: As of now, its just shown that Sid and Mira have a very beautiful father - daughter relationship, but when Mira finds out about the so called marriage between Mamta and her dad, this will get ugly. That's when the drama will take place. Aarav steps into Krishna's life which again adds more spice to the drama. So now the story is actually gearing up.

Why was the actor playing Krishna changed, was there a particular reason?

Shruti: Actually, Krishna changed three times. The first guy chosen did not shoot at all. Then Varun, the earlier Krishna was meant to play Aarav but the production house asked him to play Krishna. Later, out of the blue, they decided to go for another Krishna. We walked in one day on the sets and were wondering where Varun was, but later we found out that Gagan is now to play Krishna…

Abhishek Orgi:

Generation Next - The Flavour in Mamta!
What's an Indian story without a villan? Well, Aarav isn't exactly a villian, but he does create a lot of trouble for Krishna. Abhishek Orgi who plays Aarav, hails from the Dil Waalon Ki Delhi. A charming smile and a friendly approach to everyone on the sets, Abhishek is all set to rock the show. We talk to Abhishek and see what the young dynamic actor is upto.

How is it working with Anand?

Abhishek: Anand has been very helpful to me.

How did this role happen?

Abhishek: All this happened very fast, I got a call, gave an audition and got selected after the look test. It was all too soon to believe.

Your past experiences before the camera.

Abhishek: I did a few episodes of Lucky and a few shows on DD.

How has it been working on the sets

Abhishek: It's a very comfortable and homely environment.

Tell us more about Aarav.

Abhishek: Aarav is basically a spoilt brat. He gets insecure about his dad. He just loves his father and is brainwashed by his uncle - Karan. Aarav is not negative nor postive. He doesn't harm any body, yet he doesn't like Krishna at all.

Will there be a love triangle?

Abhishek: I guess so, that is what I've been told. Arav loves Meera, Meeira loves Krishna and Krishna doesn't love anybody.

Well folks those were the four actors of the Gen. Next of Mamta. We wish them the very best with their new projects and also hope that Mamta doesn't loose out on TRPs game yet another time…..

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Images By : Srividya Rajesh

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