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Gender Preference in Next birth - Take your Call..

TellyBuzz goes wild on imagination and asks Telly actors on their gender preference in their next birth...

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It's a bitter truth that one doesn't have the liberty to choose the sex in which he/she wishes to be born in the next birth. In the same way, one can never decide which family or social strata he/she aspires to grow. But oh well, has anyone stopped us from letting our imagination go wild? We can very well express our wish and desire on what we want to be born as in the next birth, if at all one exists!!

We at TellyBuzz thought of passing this question of gender preference in the next birth, to our favorite actors and see what they have to say..

Our actors talk about the gender in which they want to be born in their next birth, the best thing about the chosen gender preference and the person they admire in the gender chosen..

Divyanka Tripathy: I would like to be born again as a woman because I love being pampered by 'Men' (smiles).

The best part about being a woman is that I feel happy when I perform womanly responsibilities, thus connecting with the family members. I feel that men are more concerned about their professional work, but it is the woman who is responsible for maintaining personal bonding.

I admire my mother a lot. I prefer to be born as a woman in next birth, for the simple reason that I want to be like my mother who handles our family with utmost care. She has been like a friend to me, at the same time she is even living her own life.

Kunal Verma: I would like to be born as a Woman because I have experienced the life of being a Man in this birth.

And if I have to choose a person in the gender I would like to be born as, then I would say I admire all the girls (laughs).

Navina Bole: Definitely I would come down on this planet earth as a woman again, and the reason being that as females we get an opportunity to enjoy all the special privileges. A plus of being a woman is that when we are considered to be on equal terms as men, we can have fun of both worlds.

Also the best part of being a woman is that they are more sensitive; they understand emotions in a much better way. On the contrary, men just think from their heads.

I admire Sonia Gandhi because being a foreign citizen she has modeled herself well in Indian soil.

Jai Soni: I would like to be born as a guy again, because honestly being a woman involves lot of pain, whether it be while dressing up or going thro' the endless shopping lists (smiles). And I feel at times men are more powerful.

I admire Akshay Kumar a lot in the chosen gender because his journey in the industry has been amazing till date.

Vinay Rohrra: I would like to be born again as a male after considering the experiences in this life. I think men have more independence and fewer restrictions and the best part of being a man is that we get an opportunity to love a woman (laughs).

And in the gender I chose to be born, I admire self made men who have succeeded without any help or support.

Abhinav Shukla: I would like to be born as a Man again because I would like to continue with the kind of activities I'm enjoying performing in this life. The best part that I enjoy being a guy is that I can dress anywhere, have shower anywhere that too, without any inhibitions (laughs).

I admire Lance Armstrong; his performance in Athletics even after suffering from cancer has been exemplary.

Well, this is what the actors have to say!!

Over to you readers, what do you have to say to this? Which gender will you choose to be born in your next birth?

Reporter & Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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stephhh 10 years ago true abhinav.....u rock...I agree with u
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-Premeena- 10 years ago liked abhis reply... hes looks lke a fun guy..=)
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Shaina_b 10 years ago I liked Kunal Verma's answer!!!!

Well I am agree with him!!!!

I would like to be a man in next birth as I am a woman in this one!!!!

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Manusha_Divz 10 years ago love Divyanka answer..she is tooo sweet :D
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reemali99 10 years ago Loved kunal verma' s answer nd divyanka she iz mindblowing
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svforever 10 years ago sooooo cute....just loved Divzy's answer <3
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musicheals 10 years ago Aww!!..Divzy said everything perfect!
Love you Divyanka!! <3
Keep rocking!..u r the best :)
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truerose 10 years ago Loved Navina and Divyanka's answers...Its true that women can have the best of both worlds.They can demand to be treated as an equal at times and at times can take the liberty of being a woman and enjoy special privileges and treatment...
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aj_observer 10 years ago I loved the way Navina put it... I agree with her choice of coming back . The lady she comments...

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ArhainAshish 10 years ago wheres arhaaann:((y dun u ask him nething lol..pljjjjj we want arhaanz int
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