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Gautam Rode turns aggressive

Gautam Rode turns aggressive and saved a women who was getting beaten up...

Published: Thursday,Nov 12, 2009 13:43 PM GMT-07:00
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Gautam Rode turns aggressive
Gautam Rode may have been aggressive on the reel life but the talented actor proved to be hot- a tempered in his real life too. Gautam was driving his car back after a party when he noticed drunkard man slapping a woman continuously. Seeing this, the actor instantly parked his car and got between the two to solve the problem. "I started explaining the guy about hitting a woman but he wasn't listening to my calls. Infact he started pushing me," states Gautam. The star ultimately lost his cool and punched him twice and the drunk guy was flat on the ground. Gautam decided to call upon the police and settle the case but was taken aback when the woman came forward requesting him to forgive the guy, "I came to know that it was a problem between couple and her wife was requesting me not to call up police."

In The end, Gautam was happy with the fact when the drunkard too apologized with her wife for his mistake and promised never to do repeat the mistake again.

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CutieZainab22 @CutieZainab22 10 years ago aww thats soo cute x love him even more now x
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Pamalo @Pamalo 10 years ago gautam rode ur the best im happy to be ur fan!!!!!!
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BoredNCynical @BoredNCynical 14 years ago Not many who would stop to help out a stranger. It's great to know that u r one of them. Keep up the spirit and all the best!!
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ammygurl @ammygurl 14 years ago good goin'
its good actors too have a heart..:)
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aparajhita @.Aparajhita. 14 years ago it is really nice!!!!
he is really my hero.......
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Shaina_b @Shaina_b 14 years ago Three cheers to him!!!!

He is a hero in real life as well!!!!There should be more people like him!!!!

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Neeta @sweetchilly1234 14 years ago good job Gautam....that very kind of you...there should be many guys like you, but its a shame there aren't that many...god bless you
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Rachel @Rach. 14 years ago very nice of him....but this sad n shameful trend continues to be present today!!
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d.y. @d.y. 14 years ago i agree wid missypatel there are so many grammatical mistakes infact the first 3 lines make no sense at all but lets not deviate from the topic kudos to gautam for taking a stand and teaching that alcoholic a much needed lesson
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Lifez_Beautiful @Lifez_Beautiful 14 years ago wOw !! we need mre ppl like him .. dat was a superb job he did thr !! kudos 2 him !! :D :D :D
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