From Fateh to Pakhi and Vanraj: characters who had extra-marital affairs in TV shows

Here’s a list of characters who had extra marital affairs in different daily soaps.

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Fateh, Pakhi and Vanraj

Fateh, Pakhi and Vanraj
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Daily soaps are highly viewed by Indian audiences. Since years, daily soaps have been setting trends with the content. Be it showing the docile daughter-in-law to ambitious working women, Indian Television has explored various angles. While most of them has been very well accepted and loved by the viewers, angles of infidelity have been creating an uproar among the viewers.

It has been a long time that the track related to extra-marital affairs have been incorporated in television shows and the viewers have often put their strong opinions against the same. Have a look at popular television characters who have been indulged in cheating their partners by having an extra-marital affair.

Vanraj and Kavya

Vanraj and Kavya

Vanraj Shah played by Sudhanshu Pandey in Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ cheated on his wife Anupamaa for nine long years until she caught Vanraj and Kavya red-handed, making out in her bedroom. Anu had an emotional breakdown watching them romance. Her journey from picking herself up again and standing for her own rights have clicked pretty well with the viewers.

Aditya, Malini and Imlie

Aditya, Malini and Imlie

In Star Plus show Imlie, Aditya, Imlie and Malini’s love story has been quite complex. While Aditya loved Malini, he had to get married to Imlie under unavoidable circumstances. He later got married to Malini but with passage of time, he started to fall for Imlie while Malini was unable to figure out the issues that kept Aditya away from her.

Fateh, Jasmine and Tejo

Fateh, Jasmine and Tejo

In Colors' show Udaariyaan, Fateh and Tejo had to get married under an unavoidable circumstance. The duo gave their relationship a chance and grew closer to each other. They consummated their marriage and post that Fateh’s love for Jasmine bounced back and he started to cheat on Tejo. Fateh lied several times and even made Tejo feel sorry while she wasn’t the one at fault. Tejo has now taken a stand and have given divorce to Fateh.

Pakhi, Virat and Samrat

Pakhi, Virat and Samrat

Pakhi from Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ never moved on even after getting married to Samrat while Virat got married to Sai. With Samrat’s return, audiences expected Pakhi to move on and start her new life with her husband. While she has been pretending doing the same, deep down, she still has hopes for things to work-out between Virat and her.

Mouli, Kunal and Nandani

Mouli, Kunal and Nandani

Shakti Arora played the role of Kunal in Colors’ show ‘Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka’. Kunal had an amazing life: a successful business, a stable personal life and a beautiful wife. His life took a drastic change when he started to fall in love with his wife’s best friend Nandani (Drashti Dhami). Kunal left everything to be with Nandani. His decision didn’t turn out to be fruitful.

Apart from the above, Kuldeep Chaddha (Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi ) from Zee TV show ‘Kyun Rishton Mey Katti Batti’ and Rishi (Rohit Suchanti) from ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’  have also been shown to have extra marital affairs.

What are your views on these characters and the infidelity tracks? Hit the comment section below.

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Comments (26)

Nandini is the most disgusting character in the history of ITV

2 years ago

thank you to everyone for dissing Imlie andgiving the forum and show the buzz and helping in improving the ranking in coming week *ting*

2 years ago

Hilarious to see people trying to equate Aditya's mistake of bigamy with that of Malini who is now an unrepentant rapist, serial thief, wannabe human trafficker, pathological liar and all round psycho. Aditya atleast has admitted his mistakes and made a sincere attempt to atone unlike shameless Malini.

2 years ago

Aditya-Imlie-Malini case is one of BIGAMY and not EMA. But this doesn't make it any better. Aditya's crimes and cowardly acts can't be whitewashed by saying that he married Imlie first. It's like saying that he can first have Malini but if he wants Imlie later,it's not wrong BCOZ SHE IS HIS WIFE. So if Malini is a criminal,so is Aditya!

2 years ago

Okay this article is ridiculous and label incorrectly. Aditya is guilty of Polygamy, which mean being married to more then one woman not EMA. Vanraj is disgusting he's literally the definition of EMA, sleeping another woman while married for 9 years. Palkhi is married and lusting after her married brother in-law isn't EMA. Fateh is a cheater and liar. And if you're going add a show that's not on air anymore, then the article should've been Title differently about ITV shows that tackles EMA

2 years ago

U forgot to mention Bepannaah. Aditya's wife Pooja was cheating on him with Zoya's husband Yash. Both were cheating on their spouses and Pooja even got pregnant with Yash's baby. This was another show like Silsila that glorified EMA and blamed the real victims.

2 years ago

The title montage of Imlie that plays before every episode literally shows that Adi-Imlie were married, and still people want to claim it was an EMA? lol it doesn't even require that much "research", just basic observation. But I guess even that is too hard for IF waale right now? lol

2 years ago

Adi imlie Malini triangle is the case of bigamy and not EMA. Please check your facts before posting any article.

2 years ago

Adi-Imlie-Malini triangle is the case of bigamy & not EMA. Please at least go through the synopsis of the show if you cannot be bothered about watching the shows that you are actually making an article on. This is basic research.

2 years ago

How is Imlie a story of EMA, he is married to both of them - while I agree it is a bigamy story, there was no EMA

2 years ago

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