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Friends Forever - Kanika Maheshwari and Aashka Goradia!

TellyBuzz brings to you a Friendship’s Day special feature for the friendship of Kanika Maheshwari and Aashka Goradia…

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As friendship's day is round the corner, TellyBuzz brings to you some of the sweet friendship's stories of your favorite stars who are and will be friends forever. On the occasion of Friendship's Day, TellyBuzz picks up one pair of friends and quizzes one among them about the other and their friendship.

Two beautiful ladies of the Telly town, Kanika Maheshwari who is currently seen as Meenakshi in Star Plus' Diya Aur Baati Hum and Aashka Goradia who is currently seen as Rani Bhatiyani in Sony TV's Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap are friends for life. Their friendship began from their show Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka in which they were working together and their friendship grew with time and there are now best friends forever.

Let's hear what Kanica has to share about her friendship with Aashka...

How often do you guys meet?

Every second day!

Best moment with her so far?  

It's a very different experience every time I meet her. It would be unfair for our friendship if I will tell anyone such moment because every time we meet her, it is always a good experience for our friendship.

Craziest memory with her so far?

Once we all friends went to Goa and Aashka and I were sitting on a cliff enjoying the scenic view and suddenly we saw a monkey there and we were having popcorn. We were afraid if the monkey will snatch that popcorn from us because of which we could have fallen down from the cliff. So, we just threw that popcorn and slowly went away from there. It was the craziest memory for both of us.

Who is the biggest prankster between you two?

I keep on troubling her by sending Santa Banta jokes to her. She is a pure vegetarian whereas I am a non-vegetarian. So, I keep on sending non-veg. food pictures to her to trouble her. I also keep her sending jokes based on non-veg. food which troubles her a lot.

Have you ever fought with Aashka?

If there won't be any fight in any relation, then there is no fun. We also have fought many a times. There isn't any ego in our relation where we wait for the other to start the conversation again. Its like whoever misses the first, starts the conversation.

Any sweet gesture from her side?

Once she gave me a very beautiful diamond pendent on my birthday which was a very sweet gesture from her side and there have been thousand such sweet gestures from her side.

Any irritating thing she does?

The only thing which I think is that if she would have turned to be a non- vegetarian then we could have enjoyed having more food together. Otherwise, there isn't any irritating thing which she does.

A habit she should change?

I like the way she is!

What do you call each other?

She calls me Kannu and I call her Aashu. Sometimes she calls me Doll which I like and sometimes I call her Chote because she is younger than me. Whereas I am shorter than her in terms of height so even she calls me Chote. So, we are the Chote gang.

Any song that would like to dedicate to your friendship?

Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge... and Dosti imtihaan Leti hai from Amar Akbar Anthony.

A day spent with her is like...

It's a priceless moment for me. I cannot redo it with anybody. I even like going for a drive and in mid way I also like drinking coca-cola with her.

Wishes for her on friendship day?

I am blessed to have a friend like you and God should make friends like you. 

Anwesha Kamal


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Bhawana01 6 years ago Aaw such a nice bonding
Love MP
MP rocks
_GurIkaholic_ 6 years ago Aashka love you

Bharat Ka veer putra maharana pratap rocks
anjoriii 6 years ago Aashka, you are doing an awesome job in MP :)
Keep Rocking!
Sejal. 6 years ago Aashka u rock as DB in Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap
ImJia29 6 years ago Is dosti ko kisi ki nazar na lage..
_NeverMind_ 6 years ago Aashka goradia rocks

.Bharat Ka veer putra maharana pratap rocks
Yuvika_15 6 years ago kanika wasnt in sindoor... unless she worked behind the screen.
b2011 6 years ago Thanks TB for the article.
Glad to know about your friendship Kanica.
Diya Aur Baati Hum doing great.
Prime.. 6 years ago Thanks for the article...
wow... Kanica ... U r rocking as Meenakshi in Diya aur baati hum..
--VS-- 6 years ago Thanks for the article...
Diya aur baati hum rockzz...!!!!
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