#FreakyFriday: We RECASTED Dill Mill Gayye! You need to have a look!

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Dill Mill Gayye! The title itself brings a lot of memories of the hospital, interns and the love stories, doesn't it? Dill Mill Gayye, which aired on Star One, premiered in 2007 and instantly was hit among the audience. The show had a very intriguing story line. The story revolved around Sanjivini hospital and the five interns who worked there and the good times they have, of course with a lot of twists and turns. Dill Mill Gayye had the most talented and amazing actors working, who did full justice to the roles. Well, it's 2019 and we would like to reminisce the show by recasting the core characters of the show! 

Check it out!

Dr Armaan Malik- Pearl.V. Puri

Dr. Armaan was originally played by none other than Karan Singh Grover. He was charming and girls back then just drooled over him. Pearl has a huge fan following and would suit the gentle-good-looking character of this intern. 

Dr Riddhima Gupta- Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar

Dr Riddhima and Armaan were the highlights of the show and they complemented each other so very well! Dr. Riddhima was a originally played by three beautiful actresses over the time, Shilpa Anand, Sukirti Kandpal and later, Jennifer Winget who just charmed everyone. Now, the skilled actress Tejaswi will suit up the character of the shy, yet confident girl Riddhima.

Even Pearl and Tejaswi would make a great pair! Right?

Dr Atul Joshi- Mishkat Verma

Dr Atul was originally played by Pankit Thakker. He did a pretty great job of having his presence felt by the audience. He was very jolly and so is Mishkat, who would do a total justice to the character and be good friends with Armaan. He would admire Anjali very well and take her rejection very sportingly!

Dr Anjali Gupta- Charlie Chauhan

Dr Anjali, originally played by Sunaina Gulia was very much loved in the show. She was Riddhima's sister and a very chatty girl. She wanted everything straight as a stick! Charlie would be best to play this extremely confident girl, with an amazing fashion sense. She would even look great with Mishkat.

Dr Shashank Gupta- Vishal Singhh

Dr Shashank was the head of the Sanjivini Hospital and was originally played by Mohnish Bahl. He was the father of Riddhima and Anjali. Vishal Singhh can do total justice to the character. He looks innocent and yet commands a quiet respect.

Dr Rahul Garewal- Kinshuk Vaidya

Dr Rahul came later to the show but did magic. Originally played by Mayank Anand, Rahul was very charming. He soon became good friends of Riddhima and was bubbly. Kinshuk is the chocolate boy himself and would suit the character.

Dr. Muskaan Chadda- Niti Taylor

Dr Muskaan, originally played by Drashti Dhami, ruled her character. Muskaan became very important after she develops a crush on Dr Armaan. But later she has her love story with Dr Rahul. Niti is a diva of this age and would really pull off the role of Muskaan. She would look great with Kinshuk and even Pearl.

Well that was a roller coaster of memories. Remembering the show already? This cast would also do wonders for the show. What do you think about this remake? Let us know in the comments below..

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Comments (49)

Best Show ever!! Just cos of an individual's personality you can't pretend to dislike a show once you loved.Have always loved this show and will always love it.I was diehard kajen fan and now i just love Jennifer Winget that doesn't mean i hate KSG being part of this show ,you gotta admit no one could've played Dr.Armaan Mallik Better than him.I still stan him as Dr.Armaan Mallik but not offscreen KSG.
and FYI India Forum there isn't any need to recast our beloved character with someone else faces we love every character whoever played it and they aced it.
AA-Pankit -Sunaina
Shasank-padma:Mohnish-shilpa tulaskar these people are very precious to all DMG fans so please don't ever post such kind of stuff.

5 years ago

Jennifer winget is the best thing about DMG. She's amazing.

5 years ago

Ohh please original is always best
Ksg Shilpa and Drashti Dhami and all the dmg old gang sorry I didn't know their real name are best the made show popular among youngsters
No one can create the magic which the created
So am dis agree
PS please am not against any other but who ever watched dmg won't accept it can't imagine

5 years ago

I loved Jennifer Winget as Riddhima n d show too.

5 years ago

This content is hidden.

5 years ago

Rather than r remaking, a new medical show shud be up.
Love Jennifer Winget

5 years ago

No one cares about DMG. Now ppl care just about Jennifer winget. She's the queen of ITV. Love you jenny.

5 years ago

Original is Original!!
Karan Singh Grover and Shilpa Anand our original and best Armaan Riddhima. None can replace them.
Karan's sizzling chemistry with Shilpa Anand took the show to new highs.

I just want Karan Singh Grover and Shilpa Anand in Every Season of Dill Mill Gayye.

5 years ago

Jennifer winget was the only good thing about this cringe worthy show. She was undoubtedly the best Riddhima.

5 years ago

Karan Singh Grover and Shilpa Anand was the best Armaan Riddhima. Shilpa also ruled our hearts 2nd time when she made come back in DMG on fans demand. According to Times of India they both were TRP tripper (india forums please try to publish an article with real informations about this show rather than fake one for views). Without doubt I can say Karan Shilpa still can play their respective roles perfectly.

5 years ago

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