Forbidden Pleasures bring in a relief for Mohit

Mohit Malik of Pari Hoon Main, gets into a fix with a romantic water situation. Read on as the actor fights all odds for the scene...

Mohit Malik aka Rajvir Kapoor of Pari Hoon Main was in a real fix while shooting for a water sequence recently. Mohit was required to get into a pool of cold water and was incapable of doing it. The hunk was then asked to consume brandy on the sets owing to cold temperature and was contemplating whether to drink or not to drink.
Mohit says, "I had to do a romantic scene wherein I was suppose to come out of the pool of cold water in scanty clothes and walk towards my lady love. The hitch was that I was not able to speak my lines and my entire body was shivering. On top of that we had to do many retakes," gushes Mohit
 "On seeing my sad state the director asked me to take some brandy. Initially I was reluctant to take liquor especially on the sets but the chilly weather was driving me up the wall so I took the forbidden pleasure and found much needed relief" winks Mohit.
Look like this forbidden pleasures turned out to be your savior!!

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Mohit Malik

Comments (8)

i wish jay wins but its prachi........he is still the winner in boys.......

16 years ago

i agree with prachi it is no bad in being popular
she has also worked hard and she deserves to win
i hope she wins!!!!

16 years ago

I love the article! I hope Prachi wins!!!!! (=

Shes a great dancer!!!

16 years ago

awwwww that's so sad.... yeah i luved his role as Sikander........

16 years ago

yoooooo omggg I love thisss guyyy Durgesh Nandhini... I think this is Sikander....he was such aaaaaaaaaaaa cutieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....uffff LOL...

and guys it was jus a glass or so i'm guessing... I think someone called him unprofessional.... I personally think it was're not letting ur body and it's inability to endure the cold come in the way of your work... I think it's perfectly fine...and's hard to find ppl who don't drink in today's day...if he had refused to drink I would be shocked then...he can drink at parties..he can deff drink for his work.

16 years ago

he'sss cuteeeeeeeeee

but God i wish he didnt drink liquor...ufff directorrrss

16 years ago

Lady love so odes that mean Raj has someone already in his life. The show is getting interesting.

16 years ago

okay his directer his really unproffessional and hun, no matter how cute u are, so are u!

i am totally against alcohol.. sry

16 years ago

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