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Jyoti, the journey of a dutiful girl in the selfish world is the crux of the story in this new Sphere Origins show on Imagine.. Let's see how it fared in its first week..

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Jyoti, another new show on NDTV Imagine by the makers of Balika Vadhu, Sphere Origins. Let's see how it fared in its very First week and what it holds for future.

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Story: Is the journey of a young woman Jyoti, the eldest of the three daughters and the sole bread earner of the family who sacrifices her dreams and aspirations to fulfill every need of her family. However, for many in her family, beneath the veneer of helpless concern for her, she is actually no more than a golden goose. And that the one person, whom she always thought had been waiting in the wings to envelope her with love, is the one who delivers her the hardest blow of all...Irrespective of all this, Jyoti strives forward with her undying positive attitude and continues to shine, yielding light to the people around her. This is the story of Jyoti… in today's liberated world

Concept : We have seen such stories on big as well as small screen both, and it is a fact that  in all the ever sacrificing, women of substance shown on the small screen, there lies one Jyoti .The show also seems to be inspired from the old movie of Nutan called "Sone ki Chidiyaa" and even for the matter of fact the laster made Hindi movie, starring Rekha and Raj Babber, titled "Jeewan Dhara". Divulging  the whole plot in the start itself speaks about the insecurity of the makers,  they want viewers to be mentally prepared for the usual daily soap with some twists and turns to follow later. But we sincerly hope that viewers remain patient until then, and give this show a chance to prove itself . As of now, nothing is new and Jyoti is nothing but a straight-out-of-the-mill product. It is like a movie, which has revealed the whole story in the teaser itself; now choice lies with the audience whether they want to watch it or skip it. However in most of the cases they usually choose the latter option !

Actors:  Red Alert!!! Jyoti needs stars more than actors at the moment, please bring them on as soon as possible, as the predictable story and no face value give a lackluster look to the show. Having said this, the lead actor Jyoti (Sneha Wagh) looks charming and acts well, so does her mother (Zaida Parveen). Rest of them are doing what is expected out of them, nothing new neither in their characterization nor in the approach! Brother Deepu (Varun Khandelwal) is the usual brat and blue eyed boy of the house, so as other sisters of Jyoti.  However Sudha is the ray of hope and is different in this predictable lot, with her suppressed, introvert nature.
Set and ambiance:  Suiting their situation and their financial conditions is the set  and appearance of characters in the show, but it is coming across as gloomy or depressing in appearance, with minimal light, rocking chair, patriarch of the family on wheel chair. All this is adding to the predictability in story!! There was one scene in the first week where Jyoti is shown dancing on the banks of a river, that place was a refreshing change to the whole show, but lasted for few minutes only.
On the whole, Jyoti is a story told umpteen number of times on both celluloid and small screen!! They can be different in their approach and screenplay, and that is where the success and fate of the show will lie! As of now the future looks bleak!
Soap Ratings : Lets see how many Soaps this  show gets..
  Plot /Story                              Acting                                                 Sets                  
*1 Soap Stinky one ,1-12/soaps -somewhere in between, 2 Soaps Slippery with no fragrance ,2,1/2 :with little fragrance,3 Soaps sandal wood with rose petals , 4 Soaps must use/watch

Note: The views expressed in this article are solely of the author... 

Concept and Author: Nishtha
Banner and Picture Credit: Shagun


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Comments (11)

the character of sudha is something needed to be watched in the show

14 years ago

i think this serial is much good than any other serial running on other channel. it shows the reality of life

14 years ago

I have been watching this show and find it to be quite interesting, the whole concept is different nothing out of propotion it is realistic and grounded unlike the shows of Ekta''s whereby the mirch masala is same in all of her serials. Give it a chance.

14 years ago

still hasn''t aired here in the US... will watch!


14 years ago

even i think the show is not all that bad nothing great but not all that bad even i thought that the show wud go jeevan dhara way where rekha asks her beau to marry her sister but i guess that is not the case as here the guy is not a saint plus her sister has sum psychological problem but i think more than the main lead the girl who is playing sudha has spark she is playing her part really well. i feel she has a lot of potential and is slated for much better things but even the lead actress was brilliant in the scene where she is shown dancing , this scene was also very beatifully shot.

14 years ago

have to agree nish...well written article...its like really a old wine in new bottle...

14 years ago

The show has nothing new to offer.... I am surprised it comes from the makers of BV.... However the first impression of the show was Not impressive enough... However yes the lead actress does has good performance... But then the show is not those types which would make the viewers sit and glue to the screen....However every one has their own taste

Nish, wonderfully written excicuted article.... A very apt, neutral way of depicting the feelings of majority for this particular show..... Now we need something new, may be in future the show can pick up...But presently it is Not so impressive......

I feel its indeed a Old Wine in a New Bottle - but the rust still retains,seen before, the fresh starcast and a bit of different treatment

The actors as u said are really good, but they all are fresh faces may be a established face would have been able to pull the audience, first week wasnt that great enough to comment, Lets wait and watch how does the show fairs!!

14 years ago

Completely disagree with this review. Calling this show ''run-of-the-mill'' and ''typical'' are exactly the opposite words to use for it. The most surprising thing I found in Jyoti was that the main lead isn''t an all-sacrificing saint who listens to what anyone says without giving back a fit reply.

Like Shabari rightly said, I guess some ppl prefer shows that show PURE stupidity, and a glossy unrealistic world.

Unlike other producers/directors, Sphere Origins dont go overboard hyping their shows... thats why a great show like Balika Vadhu was underrated at first too and now look where it is. I wont be surprised if one day Jyoti finds itself in the top 10 TRP chart, because truly, it deserves to be there... a lot more than many shows on it.

At first, when I read abt the concept, I was far from impressed. Still I thought to give it a try since it was from BV makers. And im GLAD i did, because it is definitely not a typical show. It has such superb performances, and along the way they pass on imp social messages as well. All the actors play their parts to the T and last but not the least the story is explained beautifully in a very simplistic manner.

Something I found funny in the review, if i may mention, was abt the sets. Rly, what do u guys expect a lower middle class house to look like? Whats wrong in showing the patriach of the family in the wheelchair?? Thats the whole point of the story... thats why Jyoti is the breadearner. He cant be handicapped and hop around the house now can he? This family is shown to be going thru a miserable financial crisis, so obv the ambiance will be gloomy.

I hope everyone decides to give this show a chance and judge it after watching for themselves, and dont go just by this review. The show is a lot more than that, and it''d be a shame if such a phenomenal show is missed.

14 years ago

show isnt tht bad though not good 2
but it wont work cuz most of people want 2 see ekta craps with plastic urgery rebirth n wht not
they dun have appetite 2 taste this kind

14 years ago

very bad show...
please... for god sake.... stop this boring serial.... its repetative.... pl creatives, move ahead in life....
din''t like lead lady at all.... mother n sister s good. thats it.

14 years ago

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