FilmyFriday: What if Dil Chahta Hai was made in 2019?

Who would the cast be? Want to find out? Read below...

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Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

“Hum hain naye, andaaz kyon ho purana”

I’m sure many of you remember Dil Chahta Hai for various reasons. The movie was like a breath of fresh air in 2001 when every movie either included romance or action. The tale of 3 best-friends who get separated due to circumstances and are forced to rekindle their friendship.

Dil Chahta Hai was Farhan Akhtar’s directorial debut. With actors like Aamir Khan, Preity Zinta, Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Kulkarni, Akshaye Khanna and Dimple Kapadia the movie was hit amongst the audiences. So we thought why not revamp the cast, and see what would have happened if the movie was made in 2019. Who would be the cast?

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Here’s our list of actors who would be the suitable cast for the movie:

Akash – Ayushmann Khurrana

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Originally played by Aamir Khan, Akash is a free-spirited college boy. His only motive in life is to have fun with his friends. Even if he does not believe in the emotion of love, he ready to go to any lengths in order to keep his friends happy. We think Ayushmann will be suitable to play the role of Akash. The actor who is known to do hatke movies will be a treat to watch as Akash.

Sameer – Vicky Kaushal

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Originally played by Saif Ali Khan, Sameer is a flirty young brat who falls in and out of love easily. He also plays the role of a mediator between his friends when they have a fight. Vicky who has played the role of Sanjay Dutt’s bestfriend in the movie Sanju will be perfect for this role.

Siddharth – Rajkummar Rao

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Out of the three friends Siddharth, originally played by Akshaye Khanna, is the more mature and closed off. He expresses his feelings through his paintings. We think Rajkummar Rao will be a suitable actor to play the role of Siddharth. His mature looks and the role he has played before in many of his films prove he is perfect to play the role of Siddharth.


Tara – Tabu

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Played by Dimple Kapadia, Tara is a divorced-alcoholic, a mother who is derived from meeting her daughter because of her alcohol issues. We think Tabu will be suitable to play the character of Tara. The actress has impressed the audiences with her acting in the movies like Andhadhun. Tara plays the love interest of Siddharth.

Shalini - Tapsee Pannu

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Originally played by Preity Zinta, Shalini is an independent girl who is engaged. Slowly she forms a friendship with Akash and teaches him the true meaning of love. We think Tapsee Pannu will be suitable to play the character of Shalini, as she has played such roles in most of her Bollywood movies.

Pooja - Parineeti Chopra

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Sonali Kulkarni played the role of Pooja. She is an independent woman who has a boyfriend, but her parents arrange her marriage with Sameer. We think Parineeti Chopra will be suitable for the role of Pooja because of her bubbly personality.


Rohit - Nikitin Dheer

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Ayub Khan played the role of Rohit, Shalini’s fiancé. Rohit is very possessive in nature. We think Nikitin Dheer, who has played such roles, will be suitable to play the role of Rohit.


Mahesh (Shalini’s Uncle) - Pankaj Tripathi

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Originally played by Rajat Kapoor, Mahesh is Shalini’smaternal uncle. He is close to Shalini in age and has a care-free behavior. We think Pankaj Tripathi will fit the bill as Mahesh, as the actor has impressed us with his carefree acting in Stree.


Siddharth’s Mom - Neena Gupta

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Suhasini Mulay played the role of Sid’s mom. We think Neena Gupta will be suitable for the role as she has played a similar role in BadhaaiHo.


Priya - Fatima Sana Shaikh

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Played by Suchitra Pillai, Priya is Sameer’s over-bearing and demanding girlfriend. We think Fatima Sana Shaikh, though she has never played such role before, will fit the character of Priya because of her strong personality.


Deepa - Jacqueline Fernandez 

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

Mandala Tayde played the role of Deepa, a college girl obsessed with her classmate Akash. We think Jacqueline Fernandez will be suitable to play the role of Deepa because of her bubbly personality.


Subodh - Kunaal Roy Kapur

Dil Chahata Hai Revamp

A small role played by Asad Dadarkar, Subodh is Pooja’s boyfriend, who remembers every single detail about their relationship. We think Kunaal Roy Kapur will be suitable to play the role of Subodh.


So, what do you think? Does our cast do any justice to the veterans? Write it down in the comments below about what you think about the article and share with us if you have any similar ideas.


Enjoy your weekend and Stay tuned for more updates!

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