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Filmfare receives Massive Backlash for Editing Award Winner Gaurav Solanki's speech!

Gaurav Solanki edited speech milled yet another controversy against Filmfare awards and how it never made it to the final episode of Filmfare...


This year’s Filmfare Awards was held at Guwahati and it is known to be one of India’s most beautiful cities. While superstars enjoyed the lush greenery and scenic beauty of the Brahmaputra River, fans seem to be rather miffed with them as they failed to acknowledge the beauty of Assam which could have helped to boost Assam’s tourism.

However, Article 15 writer Gaurav Solanki’s claims contradict the statements issued by a Twitter user. He mentioned the beauty of Assam in his award-winning speech never made it to the final episode of Filmfare.

The award show has already milled a plethora of controversies after Gully Boy won 13 awards. And now the editing of an award winner’s speech has definitely put the awards in a bad light. 

It all happened when a former RJ and critic Sucharita Tyagi took to her Twitter handle and expressed her displeasure, not even a single Filmfare winner acknowledging Assam in their speech.

She also called out the celebrities and pointed out the hypocrisy by adding that the same people rooted for Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscars or Golden Globes speeches. She wrote: “Filmfare ki kisi bhi winning speech mein kisi ney acknowledge kiya ki hum Assam mein hain aur yahaan joh ho raha hai citizens key saath galat hai? oaquin ki speech dekh kar taali bajaaney mein mazey aatey hain lekin.” 

After the edited part from the award, function came to light, Solanki took to his Twitter handle and wrote: “Not exactly this but I talked about Assam in my Assam ki aawaz delhi mumbai tak pahunchne se pehle hi ruk jaati hai. Humari zimmedari hai ki jaate hue thoda Assam saath le jaayein aur in aawazon ki baat karein. Par TV show mein wo speech nahi aaya.”

Earlier, this week the recent outbreak of #BoycottFilmfareAwards has caught a lot of fire on Twitter. Not only the fans but several artists from the industry have called out Filmfare awards for their unfair nominations and bestowing the awards to the ‘underserved’ actors and films.

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