Fashion Face-off: The Sisterhood Of Shared Sequins

Madhuri Dixit Nene vs. Sridevi Kapoor - coming from the desk of BollyCurry to you is a phenomena of bling and the stories it sing in these two different avatars.

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Sabyasachi Mukherjee's name oozes artistry itself and a Sabya creation is nothing short of a woven fantasy. Beyond measures of the boxed creativity, it is refreshingly ethnic, purely regal and as cherishable as a corsage. And such great designers have greater clientele, which in turn gives rise to some of the greatest fashion showdowns, something the Fashion Police keeps great knowledge about. We eyed one of Mukherjee's prized design; the galaxy of sequins thrown in on the finest of silks and chiffon, measuring surely a little beyond the six yard, on two of Bollywood's legends, who incidentally had been ( and somewhat still are) cut throat rivals in their prime days. Thus coming from the desk of BollyCurry to you is a phenomena of bling and the stories it sing in these two different avatars.

The scintillating Sridevi Kapoor had audiences whistling to her glamour and glitter throughout the 80's and it seems like shining the brightest is an unconscious attribute she carries from then till now. Attending the premiere of English Vinglish in Tokyo earlier this year, Sridevi chose to drape herself in a beige Sabyasachi saree embellished with sea green and gold weaving of sequins, zardozi and beads. Finishing off the look with some added envy of gold and pearl jhumkas and solid gold bangles, Sri had us right there in a position of reverence but the make-up unfortunately kept things to just appreciation. Deep red with beige is the safest and an all time winner combination but Sri's foundation issues seem to get an inspiration from behemoth. We take the small mercies of a nice, neat hair do and the beauty mark of the red bindi as blessings from the stylist. 

Overall, a very pleasing appearance of Sridevi and we would have accepted her as the champion of this saree if not for a certain dhak dhak girl whotook the rivalry from the stage of thespians of the past to the stage of fashionistas today.

Madhuri Dixit Nene, in our unbiased view must have been unaware of this fact that her precious Sabyasachi saree was not unique, neither was it a never before worn piece. Or that her talented stylist unwittingly raised the bars of fashion face offs a notch or two more. We may never know but what we do know is that vice-versing the colors to a palate different from the existing, Mr. Mukherjee did a fabulous job on both the creations. And honoring this excellence, Ms. Dixit made all the efforts in keeping the elegance going. This time around the saree became sea green with gold/beige embroidery, making the bling factor go down a wee bit towards subtlety. A fine change that we welcome with open eyes and a finer choice by Dixit. Rather than getting overwhelmed by all the sparks, she ruled the dress by her charm. The color not only complemented her skin tone but added a certain radiance which no caking up can provide. You need to be just born with it. A sleek hair do, fresh make up and mouthwatering pieces of jewelry were put to their best use, making Ms. Dixit look alluring and indefinitely ethereal.

And if the tone of our appreciation and devotion is not recognized much, then we do hereby declare Madhuri Dixit Nene as the true diva of this dazzling face off. So next time you favor some bling and blinding shine, keep all the necessary attractions in check and order. Until next time one of our Bollywood dweller forgets to keep up with the fashion galore, here's Fashion Police taking a creative break. Let us know what you think of this time's face off in the comment section below.

Writer: Nabila S.
Editor(s): Anamika GK & Hershi J.
 Marsh P.

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