Fashion Face Off: Sonakshi Sinha vs. Amrita Puri

With beady eyes like ours, not much passes BollyCurry's Fashion Police's radar, especially not a fashion blunder such as a repeated designer outfit.

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Wearing the same attire as someone else is no big deal, we concur. In fact, some of us go to great lengths to imitate others. Where the big deal lies is when you personally visit a high end fashion label, or even worse, when they personally approach you to flaunt their name on some platform and what happens? You're informed, much to your immortal embarrassment, that someone else has previously adorned that exact same outfit. Oh ground, open up and swallow them now. The questions that runs through ones mind: did they wear it better? What shoes did they wear? How dare the designer allow them to wear it? Do people know?
With beady eyes like ours, not much passes BollyCurry's Fashion Police's radar, especially not a fashion blunder such as a repeated designer outfit. Unfortunately, 'tis is the case here again where our unsuspecting stars have realized only too late that their peer may one day turn around, point a perfectly manicured finger and utter "been there, done that". Awkward...

In our firing line today, we have the beautiful Ridhi Mehra floral embroidered anarkali. It's a gorgeous creation, no doubt about that. However, what our stars have done to the maxi dress is another thing.

The outfit was first sighted on the vibrant Sonakshi Sinha for the NDTV Swachh Campaign in December 2014. Getting straight to the point, the cutout of the dress doesn't seem to sit well on the actress and the length seems a bit off. All that and between the black nails and the matching flame tipped hair, we're just not feeling the vibe. The only plus point we can point out is the colour, which looks lovely on her.

We meet the outfit for a second time on Amrita Puri at the Lakme Fashion Week Resort 2015. Here, the subtle changes make quite a difference. The cutout settles perfectly on her body while she proves our point about the length: it was designed to sweep the floor. We would do away with the earrings though, the curls of the hair are enough. Also, maybe an addition of a bracelet or rings would add some glamour.

All that remains is the ultimate question, who wins this round of Fashion Face-Off? If our comments are anything to go by, we obviously hand the invisible crown to Amrita Puri. We're not averse to experimentation, in fact, we encourage it. To spice up an outfit is a trait we strongly endorse. However, sometimes it is best to do exactly what the tin says - if an outfit is displayed a certain way, wear it that way. Please? For the love of all things fashion? Especially when all your recent ventures have been verging on the disastrous side. 

We hope Sinha's wardrobe inspiration hits soon, as we're worried that we may become immune to her quirky fashion blunders. But until then, what's your take? Do you agree? Do you vehemently disagree? Let us know below.

Writer: Jenifer A.
Editors: Shreya S. and Gunia K.
Graphics: Saara K.

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