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Fans appreciate Raavi played by Alice Kaushik’s recent performance in Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’

Alice Kaushik who plays the character of Raavi in ‘Pandya Store’ gets appreciation from fans for a recent scene in the show.

Published: Thursday,Sep 29, 2022 12:22 PM GMT-06:00
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Alice Kaushik as Raavi

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ recently explored an important track wherein Raavi’s social media account was hacked and the hacker morphed her pictures and posted objectionable pictures on her account. This created a major issue in her life as it started building a gap between her and her husband Shiva. The family members also supported Raavi and wanted the hacker to be caught.

In the upcoming episodes, Raavi will finally catch hold of the hacker and will thrash him. In the episode which has aired on Disney+ Hotstar, Raavi is seen running after the hacker and getting hold of the person. Raavi express her angst against such practices by young guys who doesn’t think about the impact of their actions on the victims. Alice Kaushik played the part brilliantly and people could connect with her on several levels.

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Right after the episode was aired, actress Alice Kaushik started receiving positive feedback on the scene. Many fans took to social media and tagged Alice for her performance in the episode.

Have a look at the posts by fans:

Must say, Alice actually did a remarkable job in the scene, representing many women. 

Pandya Store’ is produced by Sphere Origins and has a stellar star cast including actors like Kinshuk Mahajan, Shiny Doshi, Akshay Kharodia, Simran Budharup, Alice Kaushik, Kanwar Dhillon among others.

Share your feedback on Alice’s performance in the comment section below.

Alice Kaushik Pandya Store  Star Plus 

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Palak2812 1 months ago Alice was amazing as ever
It was great
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spdp 1 months ago Alice Kaushik is revelation in Pandyastore. Absolutely top notch showing anger, hurt, annoyance, fear, pain everything a woman goes through due to such happenings! Good that Pandyastore makers showed it with required sensitivity. And stopped this track right there, w/o further maligning -chaos on the name of drama.

Alice’s portrayal of Raavi has been sensitive & very connecting! Be it her breakdown scenes at first Shaadi, her ordeals & quiet retracts at abuses or this!
She takes you on the ordeals with Raavi. no ott screaming. subtle yet powerful connect.
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VNuts 1 months ago Alice Kaushik as Raavi was simply splendid in today's episode, where she confronts the hacker. The fury, the hurt, the angst, the righteousness, the feeling of vindication, the emotional exhaustion of having dealt with the trauma, all of it comes across flawlessly. You can't help but feel those emotions right alongside her.
Take a bow, Alice Kaushik!
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NayaNehaD31 1 months ago Alice please expand your social circle. I wish to see you in some magazine cover!! music videos.. episodic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎈🎈roles.. !!
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mkc12345 1 months ago Alice Kaushik was absolutely phenomenal in the episode. Glad the hacker track had such a satisfying ending with Raavi being full on mardaani in the scene. It was awesome.
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Seja1 1 months ago The only consistent character Alice Kaushik as Raavi Pandya was amazing as always. ❤️ your performance was SUPER today, how you fought for your self, go girl 👏🏼
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Saakshi2k 1 months ago Alice Kaushik, you were amazing today and you have always been. The way you portray Raavi, you bring life to the character ❤️🔥
Keep it up!! 🧿🧿
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Cinderella100 1 months ago You were brilliant today Alice Kaushik. Hope you get better projects in future
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NayaNehaD31 1 months ago Alice Kaushik is a splendid actress who deserves better roles. Keep it up!!
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mpks1 1 months ago Woohoo! 👏Raavi was splendid in today’s episode. I am totally satisfied with the way they brought closure to this hacker kaand and the way hacker was dealt with. We have seen Raavi’s fierce side when Shiva called her characterless in public last year during Kanwad yatra but today it was much more than that. She just thrashed the hacker for ruining her life, career, her goodwill, which he rightfully deserved. In 530 episodes, this is the first time this show has punished a bad guy, so am happy with it.
Alice Kaushik👏👏👏 what a wonderful actor she is. This girl can do everything- comedy, drama, emotional scenes, romance, you name it she shows her best work. Hope she goes places in her career,
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