Falaq Naaz: Networking and references don’t matter much; if you have talent, it speaks for itself

Falaq Naaz, who has been part of shows such as Sasural Simar Ka, says that getting that big break in the industry required a constant struggle.

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Falaq Naaz

Falaq Naaz, who has been part of shows such as Sasural Simar Ka, says that getting that big break in the industry required a constant struggle. However, she adds that this struggle was not one that was based on connections.

“Honestly, when I first came here, I didn’t have any direct connections. Yes Masterji, encouraged me to give it a shot. After arriving, I looked up production houses on Google and found numbers in the telephone directory. I would go directly to the production house, introduce myself, and gradually build connections. It wasn’t about having someone vouch for me; it was about proving myself through auditions. I believe that networking and references don’t matter much because if you have talent, it speaks for itself,” she says.

She adds, “I don't think it's just about having contacts or depending on references. It seems like a jackpot when both talent and a strong reference align, leading to potential opportunities. However, I've observed that even with a powerful reference, if one lacks the required talent, they won't be able to deliver what the industry demands. In essence, without the ability to perform, having influential contacts might not lead to success in the acting field.”

Talking about nepotism, she says, “Nepotism is common, but I believe that today's audience, whether on the big screen or on television, is pretty discerning. They value talent, as shown by actors such as Ranbir Kapoor, who, despite being from a film family, gained recognition worldwide for his performances. It's not fair to blame success purely on nepotism, because many actors come from strong families. Family connections play an important part in many fields, such as having a family of doctors or advocates. Criticising nepotism in the entertainment industry is easy because there's little opposition, but in reality, success hinges on individual talent.”

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She adds, “It does happen that sometimes you don’t get the opportunities you desire. There are instances when you’re interested in something, but you can’t progress further. However, there are also times when people say that maybe God has something even better in mind. They advise you to wait patiently; good things will come. In reality, what we think is good for us might not always turn out that way, and something better might come along eventually. It’s just a matter of time and requires patience. Personally, I believe that if you find a strong character or opportunity that you like, it’s worth taking a bit of a risk. I’ve experienced this myself; sometimes, actors face budget constraints or uncertainties, but if the character is compelling, I take the chance and agree. For instance, in my role on Sasural Simar Ka, I initially had a negative and cameo part for a two-month shoot. However, my track extended, and Janvi’s character lasted until the end of the show. Such things happen, and you should trust your instincts. Assess how strong the character is, and your performance can transform it into a great opportunity.”

Success depends on how you work, says the actress, adding, “I feel that when you have a passion for your work, passion to perform, you tend to focus on performance-oriented aspects. It's important to maintain the enthusiasm for working, unlike some who get stuck in a mindset like, "I'll work in this particular way; this is my budget, and I won't compromise." This is when the person goes from hero to zero. If someone handles success with humility, respects others, and avoids throwing tantrums, they won't become a zero. The key is to stay grounded, treating everyone with love and respect from top to bottom. In this industry or anywhere, being grounded matters. When people inquire about your behaviour from previous production houses, how you work becomes important .A single negative remark can impact your career. So, it's essential to manage your character and attitude carefully. If you do that, you'll undoubtedly go far in the industry.”

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