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Extension for Comedy Circus leads to No Eviction!

To retain all the contestants till its grand finale, Comedy Circus plans no elimination for time being...

The last few episodes saw the contestants of Sony TV's Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur putting their best foot forward resulting in no eliminations. However sources state the real reason for this change in the format is attributed to the extension that the show received from the channel.

A source informs, "Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur has received an extension of 12 weeks and if elimination takes place there will be no contestants left till the finale. So to avoid the circumstances, the production house has decided on this strategy to avoid evictions till then. The production is also planning a wild card entry in the show so that there are six pairs competing with each other in total."

We hear that Ather Habib and Priya Raina have been approached to make a comeback with Suri who got evicted with Mahhi Vij.

Ather Habib confirms stating, "It's true that I was approached to make an entry with Suri but nothing has been finalized yet."

Bharti Singh confirmed the buzz about the show's extension. This week, the contestants will be seen performing on two themes, 'Jungle' and 'Sunday'.

We hope this news brings a breath of fresh air for the contestants and the viewers...

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Megha Bissa


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cooks09 8 years ago this is such a bad show .. i really hope that bring something sensible..the standard of comedy has gone so low on tv...
shrutireddygr8 8 years ago Glad that the show has got an extension. I'm really liking Sohail Khan!!
togepe30 8 years ago Nice ! I like the show...Its a much needed relief from all the other trash being shown on TV right now !
adieus50 11 years ago The movie was good; except for the fact that she realizes her love after marriage. Marriage is a sacred institution and this movie can encourage people who are getting married against their will to do the same.

The songs of the movie are hummable.
cookie09 11 years ago the movie was good but very predicted... plus deepika's role taking so long to realize love after marriage was not digestable. acting, songs and direction was good...
Sony_1234 11 years ago i dont think it wil be a hit in telugu. people wont accept these kind of concepts
khushboo16 11 years ago i liked to movie i mean dont get me wrong but there was nothing diff bout but than again there were sumthing that make me wnna watch it again
KBCFan 11 years ago Everything was good about the movie, except for one blooper! Marriages are sacred in India and specially when you sit in front of Agni. In this movie, the girl realizes her love after the marriage. They should show that she stops the marriage infront of agni and not that she leaves after marriage.
kavya.b 11 years ago i likes this movie very luch
would love 2 seein telugu but with proper actors chosen for the roles
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