Eva Grover to do a cameo in Bidaai..

The actress will be seen in a cameo spanning 2-3 episodes...

The chirpy actress, Eva Grover who was last seen on Sony in Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna KaunParaya is all set to do a cameo in Rajan Shahi’s Bidaai. Again she will be seen in a grey shade.

Its celebration time on the sets of Bidaai as finally Ranbir and Ragini will tie the knot soon. We called Eva to know more on her track. “I play the role of Vasundhara’s friend, Sheetal who comes down from L.A.”

When asked about a cameo and her grey shade character, the actress adds, “Yes it’s a cameo for 2-3 episodes.  My role is a bit negative in the show, as Vasu had promised me that she will get her son married to my daughter. But the scene has now turned out to be something different.”

“Vasu and I had been childhood friends. Sheetal is a very sophisticated person who is eager to come in relation with Rajvansh family. In the coming episode, when she realizes that Ranbir is marrying a dark girl and creates a lot of hungama in the ceremony,” concludes the actress.

As per our khabroo, “The character of Sheetal is for a small period of time but the actress will return after Ranbir-Ragini get together.”

Its time for some more drama on Bidaai…

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Eva Grover

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Comments (39)

oh man thts all thy needed nw! but i wnt to fnd out wts gna hpn!

15 years ago

this was bound to happen..i mean we all knew that rr wouldnt get together this easily...
what say.??
its okay..we all know they are made for each other

15 years ago

I dont want to see any more problems in BIDAAI!

15 years ago

hope it won''t be like idiot ekta''s show-.-hope they won''t spreat the main lead like k shows!!!!But i dont think bidaai is gona be like stupid k shows-.-

15 years ago

well said shagun.. i m sure it wud be great to see ragvir again together but i jst hope dey dnt take it too far.

15 years ago

yes this turn was sure to come...but please, no more unnessecary loud over the top insults to the sharma family...that would be too cliche and repetitive!!

15 years ago

Good to see her back but plz no more prob 4 RR.....

15 years ago

hope everything goes in nice way luv u a loooooooooot ragvir

15 years ago

lets hope this dsnt go the kekta way! luv ragvir

15 years ago

okay, so I trust Rajan to handle this in a different way than kekta has....and we all know that Vasu would revert back to old ways...she never really even changed to begin with...she''s already having doubts!

15 years ago

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