Enjoy everyday, every moment and don't stress: Benaf Dadachanji.

Tellybuzz in talks with Benaf Dadachanji...

Benaf DadachanjiBaby of our telly industry a.k.a Benaf Dadachanji who is currently playing the role of Paulomi in the daily soap 'Byaah Humari Bahu Ka', is talented and was honest with her answers...

Your strategy of life?

Enjoy everyday, every moment and don't stress.

A day without cell phones?

Peaceful. There would be no gamma radiation so obviously good(smiles).

The word parents mean to you?

My world. I am what I am because of my parents, I owe it all to them.

Acting to you is?

My career, my passion.

Television to you is?

My favorite past time - it is educative, informative and entertaining.

If not an actor you would be?

I would be a copywriter, or somewhere in the media field.

Your toughest battle?

To lose weight.

Your favorite cuisine?

Oriental cuisine.

Television shows to you are?

Regressive, people should come in with new concepts. Television needs to be more revolutionary.

Your favorite Bollywood movie?

3 idiots.

If given a chance to act in any ongoing daily soap, then which would it be?

I would want to be a judge or an anchor on shows like 'DID' Or 'Sa re ga ma pa'.

Your best friend in the industry?

Suchita Trivedi.

A quote you follow in life?

Live life to the fullest.

Benaf in one sentence?

Fun, outgoing and moody.(smiles).

Reporter and Author: Krishma Solanki.

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Benaf Dadachanji

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Comments (10)

come back Paulomi!!!BHBK is incomplete without u...:(

11 years ago

You got me into watching BHBK :) But haven't seen since you've gone. . You were the only plus point for me on the show . . wish you'd come back =) !!

11 years ago

Great answers..You were good in BHBK but sad that your journey as paulomi was short lived..

11 years ago

Loved Benaf's answers. She's pretty cute.. sorry about the short role in BHBK though

11 years ago

Thx TB!!
Loved you as Paulomi, Benaf!!! Hope you come back soon to BHBK...

11 years ago

thanks TB
Benaf is goodas Paulomi, hope she returns sometime in the future to BHBK :)

11 years ago

gud answers...i miss her as poulomi,wish she cumz bak!

11 years ago

Thanks for the article... Want to see her back as Paulomi in BHBK

11 years ago

Thanku for the article tb...nice answers...

11 years ago

Thanx 4 d article

hope to see u back soon in BHBK

11 years ago

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