Ektaa Kapoor unapologetically defends her filmography on X: I am an adult and I will make adult films

Ektaa defended her work and highlighted the importance of diverse and polarizing content on Instagram.

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Ektaa Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor, the prolific Bollywood filmmaker and producer known for her bold and innovative storytelling, recently took to Twitter to address criticism and trolls regarding her latest film, 'Thank You For Coming.' In a series of spirited responses, Ekta defended her work and highlighted the importance of diverse and polarizing content.

Ekta Kapoor began her Twitter spree by acknowledging the chatter surrounding her latest release, 'Thank You For Coming,' which features Bhumi Pednekar and Shehnaaz Gill. Responding to a review that labeled the film as 'disappointing,' Ekta didn't shy away from the conversation. She said, "The amount of noise #thankyouforcoming is making... Freedom cannot be decided, and accuracy (don't talk about accuracy) toh aap chodd hi dijiye! On a positive note, this review made me smile. Polarized content is what is the need of the hour."

Defending her film against critics, Ekta Kapoor emphasized the uniqueness of 'Thank You For Coming.' She described it as "a little mad movie made by a mad, crazy partner, Rhea (Kapoor), that doesn’t smash patriarchy but tickles with feathers under its nose so all the bulls***t gets sneezed out!" The film has provoked strong reactions, ranging from "mad love" to "unpalpable anger."

Ekta, known for her fearless approach to storytelling, reflected on the broader questions raised by 'Thank You For Coming.' She challenged societal norms and the discomfort often associated with women choosing their own paths, alluding to the irony of limiting "freedom."

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Amidst the troll-fueled debate, Ekta Kapoor addressed some rather audacious comments head-on. When one user urged her to "stop making adult movies," she retorted, "No, I’m an adult, so I will make adult movies." In response to another who simply said, "Shame on you," Ekta replied with a simple, "Ok, shame on me."

The Twitter exchange also saw criticism directed at Ekta Kapoor and fellow filmmaker Karan Johar for allegedly negatively impacting Indian culture and increasing divorce rates. In response to these accusations, Ekta chose to respond with a thoughtful "Hmmmmmm!"

As her Twitter interaction continued, Ekta Kapoor eventually announced her departure from the platform with a playful sign-off, saying, "Signing off from Twitter !!! Xoxo #ThankYouforComing." 'Thank You For Coming,' directed by Karan Boolani was released on 6th October. 

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Going by her record, she likely never grew up, and her productions are nowhere near adult – just juvenile rubbish.

Stupid Indians, watching stupid nonsense, made by stupid self-proclaimed producers. If you people stopped watching what these worthless nobodies peddled, you could drive them out of business.

Wake up! You deserve far, far better. I feel sorry that for a country of over a billion people, just imagine a billion people, the best they can do is this talent-less rubbish.

4 months ago

Nah, she should apologise for letting child abuse happen on her sets then siding with the child abuser

4 months ago

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