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Ekta Kapoor's Emotional Message to her Employees; Reveals Giving Up her One Year’s Salary

Ekta Kapoor is Giving Up her One Year’s Salary to make sure her employees don’t suffer during the lockdown


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Amidst the global pandemic affecting all walks of life including the entertainment industry, many celebs have come forth to help the daily wage workers and those who are the most affected during this lockdown in order to curb its spread.

Now, Ekta Kapoor has given up one year worth of her salary in order to make sure that the daily wage earners and production people at Balaji Telefilms don’t suffer. 

The producer took to her social media to make the announcement and shared, 

“The impact of CORONA crisis is huge, unprecedented and multi pronged. We all need to do things that will ease the hardship of people around us and of our country at large. 

It is my first and foremost responsibility to take care of the various freelancers & daily wage workers who work at Balaji and who are going to suffer immense loss due to no shootings in the current scenario and uncertainty over the indefinite period to follow. 

I would thus forsake my one years salary that is 2.5 crores at Balaji Telefilms so that my co-workers don’t have to take a hit during this period of crisis and complete lockdown.

The only way ahead, is Together. 

Stay safe, stay healthy.“

Apart from this, the producer has already made donations to various relief funds to fight the effects of the pandemic. 

Everyone is doing their bit to make sure that we get through the lockdown as smoothly as possible without people suffering too much. The daily wage workers are the backbone of the nation who are important to everyone machinery. 

Personalities like Ekta Kapoor coming forth and taking such huge steps serves as an inspiration to many across the nation, with the massive popularity they possess- setting the right example for the others to follow.

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