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#EditorsTake: The FAILURE of 'Dastaan..' is a REMINDER that there is no SURE-SHOT formula of SUCCESS

Unlike some may have predicted...

The wave of historical and mythological shows in our country is always on a high and time and again, where amidst all the usual fiction shows that come and go on the tube, there is always one historical or mythological show that is always a constant. 

Currently, we have shows like Karn Sangini, Dastaan-E-Mohobbat: Salim Anarkali, Chandragupta Maurya, Vighnahartha Ganesha, Paramavtar Shri Krishna, RadhaKrishn and Mere Sai on the tube. Evidently, there is a lot.

But, consciously or sub-consciously, there is a pre-conceived notion that presenting a mythological or historical show will result in success. Of course, we aren't saying that there haven't been enough failures to look at already, but the ratio of success is a lot higher. Hence, we do end up witnessing a barrage of shows belonging to the above-mentioned genre.

No. We are sure that the makers of Dastaan-E-Mohobbat did not put the show on-air having the idea that only because the show is a historical saga, it will be a guaranteed success. But the failure of the show is a reminder to all the other makers out there who may feel that they have a sure-shot formula of success. Here are some factors that enable it-

Overdose Of The Genre

We, as Indians, are used to following herd mentality and hence, when we see a particular show doing wonders there are a plethora of shows having a similar flavour on-air already. This results in fatigue, and before you know, even the quintessential TV viewers end up nit-picking only a few. As the introduction above mentions how we have a large amount of historical and mythological shows, the viewers already seem to be content with the options available. They will not resort to something else and new unless that new presentation is something ground-breaking.

All The Factors Spelt Success

Talking only about Dastaan-E-Mohobbat here, the show had everything going right for it since day one. A large-scale - check, A premier channel - check, stalwart leads - check. This and many other factors should have almost resulted in sure-shot success. But the cliche was proved right here as in the end, in spite of the obvious positives, the story did not connect with the viewers and that never got better with time passing by.

A Lesson For All The Makers

The failure of the show and the underperforming KarnSangini on Star Plus should serve as a lesson for all the makers and to an extent, even the viewers out there that albeit we have a much higher success ratio of historical and mythological shows, that never-ever means that the same is a sure-shot formula of success. Because, if a show like Dastaan-E-Mohobbat: Salim Anarkali can underperform, anything else is possible in this particular segment.

The End Also Seems Near For Supernatural Thrillers

The herd mentality is at an all-time high in the supernatural genre as well, where a channel like Colors itself three supernatural shows alone. Of course, Naagin 3 is a franchise and nothing will affect the show's run at all, but about the others, the future seems bleak and there is a chance the fatigue from the genre will result in rejection soon.

What do you think of the above? Leave in your comments below...
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BeyondHorizon 2019-01-07T20:54:11Z It's about time Indian TV got a reality check. Too much of anything will also end up with the audience getting bored n rejecting it. Having big budget stars will not save the show but a good story with strong characterisation will work even with newcomers in it. What's the point of repeating historicals? On Sony we have CGM and only recently we had a show on Chandragupt on SP and few years ago on NDTV Imagine which is appreciated even today. There have been too many shows on Akbar and Salim. Instead they should have opted to show a story that is lesser known. Coming to supernaturals, I wonder if there is space for normal humans on TV. I love this genre but honestly fed up with all the shows that are there currently. The episodics that aired on weekends like Aahat, Shh phir koi hai were far more better than this crapfest. Star has two shows plus it's bringing one more, Zee has one, Colors has 3, &tv has one n it's bringing one more. W*F is happening?
Aazeen02 2019-01-07T07:53:56Z I totally agree... It was way high time that we focus on some realistic shows as well, that can make the audience feel connected as well... Hope to breathe a new air.
angel_juhi04 2019-01-07T06:52:54Z DEMSA makers again chose a wrong channel for their show. I won't blame the makers as they earlier gave good show like Prithvi Vallabh and wrote some famous shows for other PHs. I blame the channel who interfered a lot in the makers work. They even wanted to give it to other PH so the makers did whatever they could to save their show. The show was earlier supposed to be of Salim and Mehrunissa but due to channel most probably they changed Mehrunissa to Anarkali because people can never accept a grey-black FL like Mehrunissa. They even butchered history just to satisfy drama loving people. The makers were showing Anarkali behaving like Mehrunissa sometimes and most probably the makers were planning to show her as Mehrunissa as per some stories where Anarkali returns as Mehrunissa but the makers would have got the message to wrap up their show just a week ago so they went back to showing Anarkali as sacrificing creature.2019-01-07 10:20:45
myviewprem 2019-01-07T05:12:51Z The major reason for flop of DEM is story and screenplay both pathetic. They are saying salim anarkali and showing salim meherunissa story. When was anarkali a childhood friend of salim? Then anarkali saving salims life again and again as a kid unbelievable. Bad VFX like tiger fights etc no original story all copy from various movie and serials. All bad except heroine, no sub plots at all. Even Amir Khan cannot save a bad story movie like TOH. First concentrate on story and script than only sets and actors matter. Anarkali was acting like 21st century bahu from saas bahu serials than a 15th century maid and jodha not acting like an empress very OTT.2019-01-07 05:17:06
VS-Cool 2019-01-07T03:48:21Z People likes FACTS and NOT goody good imaginary concepts ...

it would have worked if they made show on NOORJAHAN -JAHANGEER (Salim-Mehrunnisa) which is actual story ...

they can remake EPIC CHANNEL'S SIYAASAT (same story of salim mehrunnisa) as well

but No .. even good looking actors cant save a poor script and things ... the set never looked grand excpet the hall ...


good luck to Shaheer Sheikh and Sonarika Bhadoria .. it was so good to see my both favs together .. thanks
Loveo2o 2019-01-07T00:11:29Z This show was terrible from the episode 1. Shaheer looked too old to play Salim
SamW92 2019-01-06T22:22:35Z I love watching Sitaara. Adaa Khan is lovely there like she always is. I also watch Tantra. It's definitely not a good news for me. Hope these shows garner trps to sustain.
sweetsorrow18 2019-01-06T16:57:51Z The problem is ITV is the format - long, never ending series which go on for years in some cases. This type of thing causes a very poor response to new shows, with people on sticking to old ones out of loyalty.

In my opinion, ITV needs to switch to a season format. With a set number of episodes per season, viewers can anticipate better quality, this reduces overworking artists and also allows viewers to not get too overdosed on the same content.
vaishu.6 2019-01-06T10:29:04Z Not only daastan-e-mohabbat,tantra,sitara colors have a huge long list of flop shows
& on no.1 position is immj in that list
Actually the problem of itv shows is they are stretching & dragging story of the old shows adding new entries with baseles & illogical twists.they are not ready to axe old shows like kumkum bhagya just for the sake of trps
& launching new shows which either related with chudail or daayan or that shows are historical mythological shows like salim anarkali
BT now Indian viewers are completely fed up from this unnessary dragged & stretched old shows without any proper story & this bhoot daayan raaja maharaj show trends
Now they wanted to watch something new bt good on television Jo filmy naa ho
Guru86 2019-01-06T02:29:22Z the main reason for the failure of this particular show is adding all on going festivals in the story.. do the writers think mughal empreors were so kind to celebrate all festivals in those days as we celebrate them seriously!!!!
the other thing is showing kitchen politics ... did mughal emperor's mother was so free to find ridiculous chores for anarkali.
they were trying to add all the tracks of ongoing serials in to a historical saga.i watched first episode and that was it for me... i couldn't watch it anymore.
trying to make it a true love story like laila majnu or in todays time like abhi pragya did not go down well with the viewers.
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