Doree: How will Doree save her foster father from her biological father Anand's vicious plan?

In the upcoming episode of Doree, Anand plots to use poisonous snakes on stage, turning the serene competition into chaos as Doree faces a life-threatening challenge, gripping the audience's attention.

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Colors' 'Doree' has captivated audiences by delving into the inspiring journey of the six-year-old protagonist, Doree, portrayed impeccably by Mahi Bhanushali. The social drama stages the clash of Doree's progressive thoughts with the regressive mindset of Kailashi Devi Thakur, played by Sudha Chandran, shedding light on the persisting patriarchal norms that continue to afflict society.

In the upcoming storyline, Doree's father, Ganga Prasad, battles for life, his existence hanging by a thread in the hospital with serious brain injuries. Simultaneously, Doree, facing a dire financial crunch, enters the 'Nag Nathaiya' competition to secure enough money to make ends meet. Little does she know that lurking in the shadows is her biological father, Anand, plotting a diabolical scheme. Amid the 'Kaaliya Mardan' tale, Doree, playing the role of Lord Krishna, ventures to retrieve a ball from a lifelike Naag cutout. 

However, the narrative takes a sinister turn when Anand cunningly introduces poisonous snakes onto the stage, aiming to kill Doree and passing it off as a fatal tragedy. The once-serene competition plunges into chaos, gripping the audience's attention as Doree confronts an unforeseen and life-threatening challenge. 

Will Doree emerge triumphant, securing the competition's prize money for her father's critical operation? Or will she fall victim to Anand's deadly plot?  

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Please give us breaking news about the future in doree

4 months ago

It would be helpful to make this available on additional publishing websites, since I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It provides the chance to publish in different Indian local languages and reach a wide range of people. Given its extensive reach and capacity to present material in several languages, it could aid in increasing readership and growing the book's audience.

4 months ago

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