DJ's Creations presents 'Badi Malkin' on Zee

After the launch of Chhoti Bahu, DJ's Creations will soon launch another show on Zee TV, titled 'Badi Malkin'...

Zee TV has been rapidly making grounds in bringing about a strategic change in their content.

After the successful launch of Chhoti Bahu, DJ's Creations and Zee TV are joining hands for yet another show, tentatively titled 'Badi Malkin'.

According to our source, "The show will take a prime time slot and will be launched somewhere in mid March".

Talking about the concept, our source quips, "The show will see a young girl getting married to an elderly man, thus becoming the 'Badi Malkin' of the house".

"The star cast has not been finalized yet", concludes our source.

Well, it seems as though Zee TV has many big surprised in its kitty!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (19)

my god r they same ppl who produced lrl nd jassi nd now they r bringing such crap into the show

15 years ago

thanks, I hope it''s good. And not boring old story!!

15 years ago

Isn''t that Zee''s old concept such as Kasam Se lol!

15 years ago

Here we go again...the same friggin story that''s being repeated every year...not to mention so decadent.

15 years ago

i think the creatives have really lost it, looks like BV''s success is just getting in their heads, young girl getting married to elder man is done to death, and still being done in bandhini, good knows what new is zee coming with

15 years ago

Cant Zee STOP copying!!!! Young girl - old man story again... atleast Bandini had a different twist to it than Gehna-Basant track in BV. Something new please???

15 years ago

thanks...i probally wont watch it unless they have a cute peoples acting

15 years ago

a young girl getting married to an elderly man

:S Um... I don''t think that I would want to watch that... :S

15 years ago

Chhoti Bahu is so slow and boring and is just going around in circles. I stopped wathcing it. They should concentrate on fixing that one before jumping into a new one.

15 years ago

Its sad to see the makers of shows like Banegi Apni baat, JJKN , JLH... jumping into the crappy saas bahu shows.

15 years ago

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