Dhruv Tara actress Neha Harsora shares her enthusiasm for Navratri this year

Dhruv Tara fame Neha Harsora opens up on her plans for Navratri this year, also shares the significance of the festival for her

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Neha Harsora aka Tilotama from Dhruv Tara, shares the significance of Navratri for her and shares her plans to celebrate the festival; says, “Being from a Gujarati Family, Navratri holds great significance for me.”*

Neha Harsora is currently seen in Sony Sab’s popular show Dhruv Tara. The actress will soon be making an exit from the show, after her character Tilotama comes to an end. It is once again time to celebrate one of the most exciting festivals in the country - Navratri. Neha shares how the festival holds close symbolism to her and her family, and how they will be celebrating the 9 day festival this year!

Talking about how she celebrates Navratri every year, Neha shares that it is a major festival in her household, “During Navratri, we bring Ma Durga's idols into our home, perform Aarti, and play Garba. Being from a Gujarati Family, Navratri holds great significance for me. I eagerly anticipate this time of year, as it brings together friends and family to celebrate”

Neha shares some specific traditions she follows for Navratri, “Our celebration typically involves Garba, Pooja, and a day dedicated to preparing food for Ma Durga. This tradition is an integral part of our yearly Navratri festivities.”

An integral part of the celebration for many, is inviting small girls to take blessings from, elaborating on this ritual, Neha says, “Navratri is also about honouring the nine Goddesses, and it's common for people to invite young girls to their homes to seek blessings. I believe this is an important and blessed tradition. I have both received blessings from young girls when I was a child, and extended the gesture by inviting them to our home and giving them goodies.”

Every festival comes with its exciting set of delicacies, sharing her favourite, Neha says, “When it comes to festive delicacies, my favorite during Navratri is kheer. It's a delectable dish made with peas that I thoroughly enjoy.”

Reflecting on the numerous Navratri celebrations she’s been part of, Neha shares a special memory associated with the festival, “One cherished memory from Navratri celebrations that I hold dear is dressing up and participating in Garba, the uplifting experience of performing Aarti, and the delightful tradition of my dad bringing Jalebi and Fafda. We also engage in a havan ceremony within our building. The highlight of Navratri for me is Dussehra.”

Neha shares an important message for all those celebrating the festival, “As we celebrate Navratri, I'd like to share a message with readers. Let us extend the same respect to female deities as we do to male Gods. In today's generation, it's essential that females receive equal respect and reverence, much like we do for our Gods.”

Well it is delightful to see Neha Harsora embracing not only the festivities, but also the deep symbolism of the 9 day festival!

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🥰🥰🥺🥺🥺 Navratri is indeed special

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Didn't liked her character in the show but She is really pretty

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