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Dharmesh on Boogie Woogie Kids Championship!

Ace dancer cum choreographer Dharmesh will be seen on Sony TV’s dance reality show Boogie Woogie Kids Championship to judge the challenging episode named as ‘In just 90 seconds’…

This weekend would see the little dancing stars of Boogie Woogie Kids Championship go through yet another exciting challenge as they have to impress the judges in just 90 seconds and to the very special guest.

The guest who will make an appearance this Saturday is none other than the great dancer, choreographer and actor Dharmesh who will visit the Boogie Woogie set after half a decade.

The dancing wonders will be seen giving spectacular performances on fast beat songs like Manmohini teri ada, Ek do teen, Blue, Phate chak lene de, Shaka laka baby and many more in just 90 seconds. Will Dharmesh be impressed by the dancing talent of little wonders?


Boogie Woogie Kids Championship  Sony TV 

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alishaL786 9 years ago I cant wait to see this! :)
Ranbir is a really talented actor!
cooks09 9 years ago he is a fine actor his personal life is his as it does not affect his acting. sonam and deepika were silly on that show and were very immature in their talk
shivani003 9 years ago Ranbir has come out the winner in this situation by taking it in his stride and Sonam n Deepika are looking like idiots. There's a time n place for everything. Jeez! Sour grapes
ritamukund 9 years ago This Deepika is thinking she is running th eworld. Sonam dear, your Dad worked very hard and not heard him talking like this about any his co-worker. You need some lesson. U are a baby in the industry so chill and just do ur job. He gave tight slap to you both girls. so learn something from him and go do your work.
pratsy 9 years ago he was in delhi 4 rockstar...i saw him in one of his shoot.........................................
minchi 9 years ago i can't wait 4 Rockstar
Ranbir is gonna rock it
love u Ranbir
Artful_Dodger 9 years ago ugh y in the world should he "drop" the diplomatic stance? if he does that, the same media would go like... whoa .. look v have another salman in the making... its good to see well behaved actors for a change... u go ranbir !!
rose-girl 9 years ago he has upcoming releases:)
it was a tight slap in their sonam and deepika's face coz he took it soo lightly! but i wish he give thm a tight reply:P
psycho_angel 9 years ago time we make a fan video for him like the britney fan did "womennn!!leeeavvvveee Ranbiiiirrrr aloooooonnnneeeee" *sob*
-SalShah4eva- 9 years ago i agree with u here too
varsha di
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