Designer Ayush Kejriwal exposes Surbhi Chandna's team requesting for barter wedding outfits,shares screenshots

In a viral video shared by popular designer Ayush Kejriwal, screenshots of Surbhi Chandna's team requesting a barter deal for her wedding outfits was exposed.

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Ayush Kejriwal and Surbhi Chandna

Actress Surbhi Chandna, known for her roles in popular shows like "Ishqbaaz" and "Naagin," recently found herself embroiled in controversy when chats between her team and a designer surfaced, revealing a request for barter clothing for her upcoming wedding.

In a video shared by designer Ayush Kejriwal, he exposed Surbhi and her team's requests to source wedding outfits despite the actress's upcoming wedding in a Jaipur palace. Screenshots displayed in the video depicted Surbhi's team requesting attire for her haldi, mehendi, sangeet, and wedding ceremonies. Ayush criticized the actress, alleging that celebrity behavior and attire often come across as artificial. He expressed frustration at the common practice of actors receiving free clothing for their weddings, emphasizing his preference for providing attire to ordinary individuals over celebrities.

Additionally, an employee of Israni photography weighed in, revealing that Surbhi's team had persistently pursued them for over a month, expressing relief that the issue had been brought to light.

As of now, neither Surbhi nor her team has addressed the controversy, leaving the matter unresolved.

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Surbhi Chandna

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Then you'll show off your solitaire
Lol this celebrities

2 months ago

Why the hell you're marrying
When you can't even affordto buy you own wedding dress

2 months ago

What a cheapskate. Don't get married if you can't afford the expenses.

2 months ago

It’s high resolution and ridiculous, they should learn spelling first

2 months ago

Even in ITV world, Surabhi is not that big of an actress . Just wondering if there would have been any reaction if the wedding would have been of a much more famous celebrity who has a much bigger reach.

2 months ago

LOL!!! Cannot believe SC wants to have a free wedding 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

2 months ago

It is such a common culture.. there was no need for this drama. Surbhi gave him a biz proposition!! Advertisement for clothes. He could accept it or reject it.. why this outburst?

2 months ago

Well he sources material from Indian weavers. Does he compensate them even proportionally to the costs of his branded commodities? Lol.
Also, rich people, please pay for your things and pay your taxes like the rest of us.

2 months ago

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