Desi Girls try their hand in cooking..

Desi Girls put a great effort to cook a meal for 10 special guests. Catch the Kodak Moments tonight in Imagine's Desi Girl...

Published: Friday,May 28, 2010 14:56 PM GMT-06:00
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The city bred Desi Girls in Imagine's reality show are given the task of cooking an entire meal for their 10 special guests!!
The girls divided into two teams took full charge of the kitchen and decided to make a lavish meal!! But what happened was really funny as they took hours and hours to make a simple meal…

A little birdie tells us, "Roshni Chopra took charge of the traditional choolah, which needed her to blow into it to get it working. And wonder what, the delicate darling was choked with the fumes as it went into her lungs. She literally collapsed and a doctor had to be summoned immediately to check Roshni's vital stats".

While Roshni took a forced breather from work, the other ladies continued and made a bigger mess. "While few cut their fingers while cutting vegetables, the ladies entrusted to make rotis made it on ulta tawa. As regards the food, the guests found that the menu lacked something or the other in it, or found something extra, but the cooked food was nowhere near to perfection!!".

Catch the 'Kodak Moments' as the Desi Girls try their hand in the kitchen this Friday, May 28th at 9 PM on Imagine…

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Roshni Chopra

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BayAreaGuru 13 years ago What ? Didn't they ever did this in their life ?
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LOVE_DMG 13 years ago what? come on even i don't make a fuss of cooking as much as they do. OVER REACTING!
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simran1285 13 years ago ok cutting fingers while chopping vegetables??? Have these women NEVER in their life cut a vegetable before??? they are no princesses so why are they portrayed as delicate maharanis?
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Shaina_b 13 years ago Why do they make these crap??

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rk005 13 years ago sad... but at least they are not giving up and try to Cook Food. Good Going Village Girls!!!!
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~*puja*~ 14 years ago that''s nice that adi gave him a second chance, but i doubt any actor will work with... let''s see with time, wish him luck!
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JattiTude 14 years ago well even though the plot wasnt all that for Tashan.... but i think it was funny...... and also, adi chopra didnt have to wrok hard and even if he made floped movies like Neal and Nicky, he didnt have to be sorry about it...... the new comers who are trying to do something on their own should be encouraged nto discouraged.............. i wish luck to acharaya for any of his future endeavors
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ibelieveinpink 14 years ago Agree w/tsfme totally, tashan definitely had more flaws than direction. And he got get another chance, maybe next time he''s do it right!
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Jenifer. 14 years ago well he''s lucky to get a second chance!
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CeruleanSky 14 years ago but I have to say...Tashan was some turkey
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